Scooter Road Trips in Tonga Tonga and particularly the island of Tongatapu is a scooter-friendly island to explore. Pick up a scooter rental from the capital, Nuku’alofa, and hit the road to discove
Should You Rent a Car in Tonga? If any of the below reasons to rent a car in Tonga speak to you, then the answer is yes! Car hire in Tonga is available on the islands of Tongatapu and Vava’u, which
Can You Hire a Driver in Tonga? The short answer: it depends where you are. Due to the abundance of island tours and car rentals in Tongatapu, there’s not much opportunity to hire a driver. There is
What You Need to Know About Flights in Tonga There’s no denying that flying is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to travel the Kingdom of Tonga. Domestic flights connect the five main is
How to Apply for a Visitor’s Driving Licence in Tonga If you want to rent a car and drive in Tonga and your driving licence is not issued by one of the visitor visa-exempt countries, simply your dri
The Cost of the Ferries in Tonga Want to do some island-hopping in Tonga? Taking one of the inter-island ferries is by far the cheapest way to do it! You can get between the islands of Tongatapu, ‘E
Flight Times to Tonga For most of us, getting to a country as remote and as unspoiled as Tonga takes time. Only those coming from Oceania countries like New Zealand, Australia and Fiji are lucky enoug
The Cost of Car Rental in Tonga Can you afford to rent a car in Tonga? With more and more car rental companies popping up across Tongatapu and Vava’u, offering a wider range of vehicles, you’re bo
Taxis in Tonga: Travel Advice Taxis are the universal symbol of “getting around”. While in some countries, they are known to be horrifically expensive, in Tonga, taxi travel is actually quite affo
Tips for Taking Domestic Flights in Tonga To kickstart your experience in Tonga, you’re probably going to want to get to one of Tonga’s more idyllic islands as quickly as possible. In that case, d
Driving Licence for Tonga Do you need an International Driving Permit to legally drive in Tonga? Well, the answer is complicated. First, you can only drive in Tonga if you either have a full valid dri
Are There Any Water Taxis in Tonga? The short answer: no. Water taxis as you know them are not exactly available in Tonga. Short overwater travel between islands relies on island accommodations, which
Sailing Times and Distances to Tonga The great South Pacific journey awaits with the Kingdom of Tonga sitting at the centre of it all. Tonga is a hub for sailing in the South Pacific, not only for its
Tonga Bus Fares How much does it cost to travel Tonga by bus? The short answer is “not much”! Buses provide the cheapest transport for getting around Tonga, where fares will only ever cost
Which Airlines Have Direct Flights to Tonga? The dream of exploring Tonga doesn’t feel real until the flight is booked! However, as any savvy traveller will know, a way to ensure you get the best de