Which Airlines Have Direct Flights to Tonga? The dream of exploring Tonga doesn’t feel real until the flight is booked! However, as any savvy traveller will know, a way to ensure you get the best de
Driving Licence for Tonga Do you need an International Driving Permit to legally drive in Tonga? Well, the answer is complicated. First, you can only drive in Tonga if you either have a full valid dri
Sailing Times and Distances to Tonga The great South Pacific journey awaits with the Kingdom of Tonga sitting at the centre of it all. Tonga is a hub for sailing in the South Pacific, not only for its
How to Book and Pay for a Bus in Tonga Getting around Tongatapu and Vava’u by bus is the cheapest way to get around these larger islands of Tonga. Local buses are available and extremely cheap, runn
A Quick Guide to Cabs in Tonga Taxis are an easy go-to when visiting a foreign country. You often know what to expect. However, with most cabs not using meters and only really two islands that you can
Tonga Airports: Where to Fly to? All getaways to Tonga start with booking a flight, but where should you book a flight to? We’ll go over some advice in this guide to which airport to arrive in Tonga
Driving in Tonga: Safety Tips Generally, Tonga is a safe country to drive in. The speed limits are low in comparison to other countries and the main roads are typically well-maintained. You will, howe
Travel Advice for Taking the Ferry in Tonga Crossing the archipelago of Tonga can be a memorable and rewarding experience when opting to tackle the journey by ferry. Not only is taking the ferry in To
Ferry and Flight Times in Tonga You can’t come to an archipelago of 169 islands and not do some island-hopping! Tonga’s five island groups have their own culture, landscapes and attractions, each
Day Tours and Multi-Day Tours in Tonga What are the best bus tours in Tonga? Well, the first thing to note is that bus tours in Tonga might not be the type of bus tour that you’re used to. As an isl
How to Get the Best Price on Flights to Tonga For many, the airfare is one of the most significant costs for a getaway to Tonga. You’d rather save money for a whale swim, snorkelling excursion or at
Keep Safe While Driving in Tonga Road tripping around Tongatapu or Vava’u (the only islands in Tonga where you can hire a car) is an amazing way to see the country. However, driving in a new country
Are There Cruises in Tonga? The short answer is: no. There are no inter-island cruise ship experiences in Tonga like you might find in other Pacific Island nations like Fiji or Tahiti. The alternative
How to Get a Cheaper Rental Car in Tonga Stretch your Pa’anga a little further in Tonga by saving money on car rental! Saving money on car rental can only be a good thing, so you can spend more on t
Bus Tips for Tonga Taking the bus in the South Pacific is renowned for being a cultural experience, which is no different in Tonga! Buses casually make their way around the islands of Tongatapu and Va