How Much Does a Tonga Airport Taxi Cost?(c)
How Much Does a Tonga Airport Taxi Cost?

How Much Does a Tonga Airport Taxi Cost?


The Cost of Taxis at Nuku’alofa Airport and Vava’u Airport

After you’ve landed at Fua’amotu Airport, Tonga’s main airport, or even the less-visited Lupepau’u Airport in Vava’u, how much is it going to cost you to get to your accommodation? Taking a taxi is a fast and convenient way to get to where you need to go (providing your accommodation doesn’t involve overwater transport to get to, of course). Check out the typical taxi prices and find the answer to: how much does a Tonga airport taxi cost?

Note that there are no taxis in Ha’apai and ‘Eua, so see alternative airport transfers for these island groups in The Best Airport Transfers in Tonga.

5 Tips for Taking a Taxi at Tonga’s Airports

  1. Ask for a rate before agreeing to a ride, as taxis from the airports don’t use meters
  2. Look out for licensed taxis with a “T” at the beginning of the vehicle’s number plate
  3. Taxis are clearly signposted from the arrivals area of Fua’amotu Airport
  4. Book a taxi to pick you up from Vava’u Airport; they are not always waiting for potential customers at the airport
  5. Many accommodations offer their own airport transfers which are sometimes cheaper than a taxi.

For more tips, see the 10 Things to Know About Taxis in Tonga. Plus, see all of your airport transfer options in The Best Airport Transfers in Tonga.

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Taxis From Fua’amotu Airport (Nuku’alofa / Tongatapu)

Fua’amotu International Airport is the main airport of Tonga and most likely the airport you will be arriving in. It is located on Tongatapu island and is often referred to as “Nuku’alofa Airport” despite being approximately 21 km (13 mi) away. Learn about the airport in Which Airport to Arrive in Tonga.

Taxis wait eagerly outside of the international and domestic terminals, easy to identify with a “taxi” sign and/or a “T” at the beginning of their number plate. Ask for the fare first, as these taxis don’t tend to use meters.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between Nuku’alofa and the Airport?

Taxis from Fua’amotu Airport to Nuku’alofa cost approximately TOP$50.

Nuku’alofa is the capital of Tonga, located 21 km (13 mi) from Fua’amotu Airport. It’s where most accommodations are located in Tongatapu, including all of what we list in the Where to Stay in Nuku’alofa: The Best Accommodations.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between Tongatapu Airport and the East Side Resorts?

Taxis from Fua’amotu Airport to the east coast resorts cost approximately TOP$40-$50.

Many of Tongatapu’s resorts are located on the east side of the island. Resorts here include:

Find out more about accommodations in the 20 Best Resorts & Hotels in Tongatapu.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between the Fua’amotu Airport Terminals?

Taxis from Fua’amotu International Terminals to the Domestic Terminal cost approximately TOP$5.

The International and Domestic Terminals at Fua’amotu Airport are approximately a 2 km (1.2 mi) drive apart. Taxis wait at both terminals to connect passengers between flights, should you be staying on one of the outer islands.

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Taxis at Lupepau’u Airport (Vava’u)

Some international flights from Samoa, American Samoa and Fiji arrive at Lupepau’u International Airport in Vava’u. Domestic flights also run between Vava’u and Tongatapu multiple times daily except on Sundays.

Taxis are not always available to wait outside of Lupepau’u Airport, so it’s usually best to book a taxi to pick you up.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between Neiafu and the Airport?

Taxis from Vava’u Airport to Neiafu cost approximately TOP$40-$50.

Neiafu is the main town of Vava’u, which is only around 9 km (5.6 m) away from Lupepau’u Airport. Most of Vava’u’s accommodations are located here, including:

See the complete list of accommodations in Where to Stay in Vava’u: The Best Accommodations.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between Toula and the Airport?

Taxis from Vava’u Airport to Toula cost approximately TOP$50-$60.

Toula is a village just south of Neiafu, home to a few more idyllic accommodations including:

Learn more about these accommodations in the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Vava’u and 10 Best Apartments in Tonga.

How Much Do Taxis Cost Between ‘Utungake Island and the Airport?

Taxis from Vava’u Airport to ‘Utungake cost approximately TOP$50-$75.

‘Utungake Island is attached to the main island of Vava’u by a causeway. It has a small number of accommodations available, providing a more resort-style experience connected to the mainland. Accommodations include:

Learn more about Vava’u’s resorts in the 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u.

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Alternative Airport Transfers

Taxis are not your only option to get between Tonga airports and your chosen accommodation. Other airport transports include:

Accommodation Transfers

Many accommodations arrange their own airport transfers with guests, often having their own vehicle and driver for pick-up. For resorts that are on an off-shore island, airport transfers also include boat transport of the resort’s boat. Airport transfers by accommodations in Nuku’alofa are typically cheaper than a taxi, while prices tend to be more expensive than a taxi for other areas of Tongatapu and on Vava’u.

Airport Transfer Services

Some tour companies in Tongatapu offer door-to-door airport transfer services.

Find out more about these transfer options in The Best Airport Transfers in Tonga.

More About the Tonga Airport Taxi Cost

That’s it for the cost of airport taxis in Tonga. For more on the subject, take a look at the following guides:

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