Cheapest Airport Transfer Options in Tonga(c)
Cheapest Airport Transfer Options in Tonga

The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Tonga


How Much Do Tonga Airport Transfers Cost?

For mundane aspects of the travel experience, like airport transfers, who can blame you for wanting to save a bit of money in the process? That means another pint of refreshing Tongan beer! However, with limited choices of airport transfers in Tonga, there’s not much room to make huge savings. What’s more, pricing is very competitive, so at least you know you are not spending too much more if you do happen to go with the most expensive transfer. Where prices differ most, of course, is when your transfer involves overwater travel compared to just a short drive. So compare approximate prices and get an idea of how much you’ll spend on an airport transfer with this guide the cheapest airport transfers in Tonga.

For more advice on the airport arrival process, see Arriving in Tonga: Airport Customs, Biosecurity & Arrival Process.

How to Get a Free Airport Transfer in Tonga

Did you know that, actually, some accommodations across Tonga pick guests up from the airport for free?

Accommodations offering free/included airport transfers are:

  • Blue Water Retreat, ‘Eua
  • Talei’s Guesthouse, ‘Eua
  • Tukia Complex, ‘Eua
  • Lindsey Guesthouse, Ha’apai
  • Humpback Lodge, Vava’u
  • Flying Annie Moa, Vava’u

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Taxis – The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Tonga

Unlike the trend throughout much of the world, taxis in Tonga are a reasonably priced way to get between Fua’amotu (Tongatapu) or Lupepau’u (Vava’u) Airport and your accommodation. For door-to-door service, airport taxis tend to be cheaper than accommodation airport transfers and airport shuttle companies, as they usually charge the same price but per trip rather than per person. Note that more than four passengers per vehicle typically costs up to 10% more than a fare for four passengers and under.

It is normal in Tonga to agree on a price before accepting a ride in a taxi. We have heard reports of some taxi drivers charging TOP$50 per person as accommodation airport transfers do. But you can usually find a driver (or negotiate) with a similar price per vehicle load, which are the recommended taxi prices put forward by the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development. For more information on how taxis work, see The Guide to Taxis in Tonga.

Some acceptable prices for travelling to/from Fua’amotu Airport and Lupepau’u Airport via taxi include (note that prices are per trip):

  • Fua’amotu Airport – Nuku’alofa: TOP$50
  • Fua’amotu International – Domestic Terminal: TOP$5
  • Fua’amotu Airport – East side resorts: TOP$40-$50
  • Lupepau’u Airport – Neiafu: TOP$40-$50
  • Lupepau’u Airport – Toula: TOP$50-$60
  • Lupepau’u Airport – ‘Utungake Island: TOP$50-$75

Find out more about taxi prices in Taxi Prices in Tonga: The Costs You Need to Know, as well as which accommodations are in which areas in the How Much Does a Tonga Airport Taxi Cost?

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Accommodation Airport Transfers

Most accommodations on all island groups offer some sort of airport transfer to transport guests between the airport and their resort/guesthouse. This might also involve transport over water in boats, as well as overland in cars or minivans sometimes shared with other guests.

The advantages of airport transport arranged by your accommodation are that they are easy to arrange before arrival and provide a seamless transition to your accommodation. On island groups with no taxis, such as ‘Eua and Ha’apai, accommodation airport transfers are your only option.

While they can cost the same as a taxi if travelling solo, accommodation airport transfers tend to be the more expensive airport transfer option for couples and groups, as transfers are charged per person.

The Cost of Accommodation Airport Transfers on Tongatapu

Airport transfers arranged by accommodations on Tongatapu cost approximately TOP$50-$60 per person for a one-way trip. The cheapest airport transfers we have found are offered by Tanoa International Dateline Hotel and Tukulolo Grounds & Treehouses at around TOP$40-$45 per person, while the most expensive we’ve found are offered by Sunrise Hotel at around TOP$80 per person.

The Cost of Accommodation Airport Transfers on ‘Eua

With accommodations located near Kaufana Airport, airport transfers on ‘Eua cost approximately TOP$0-$5 per person for a one-way trip. Note that not all accommodations on ‘Eua offer airport transfers, so a car rental may be essential for staying at accommodations like Pacific Sila Lodge and Seta Guesthouse.

The Cost of Accommodation Airport Transfers in Ha’apai

Ha’apai is another island group with no taxis and no means of travelling between the airport and your accommodation other than the transfers provided by your chosen accommodation. Luckily, all accommodations in Ha’apai offer airport transfers.

Expect airport transfers between Salote Pilolevu Airport and Lifuka Island to cost approximately TOP$0-$10 per person; Foa Island to cost approximately TOP$50-$60 per person; and Uoleva Island to cost approximately TOP$50-$155 per person.

The cheapest airport transfers in Ha’apai are with Lindsey Guesthouse which offers free transfers, as well as the Ha’apai Beach Resort which is TOP$10 per person, and Diana Beach Resort on Uoleva which is around TOP$50 per person.

The Cost of Accommodation Airport Transfers in Vava’u

Various destinations in Vava’u make airport transfers also very varied. Expect airport transfers between Lupepau’u Airport and Neiafu to cost approximately TOP$30-$50 per person; ‘Utungake Island to cost approximately TOP$75-$100 per person; and the outer islands to cost approximately TOP$125-$200 per person for a one-way trip.

The cheapest airport transfers in Vava’u are those provided for free by Humpback Lodge and Flying Annie Moa. Port Wine Guesthouse also offers a reasonable transfer at TOP$30 per person. The cheapest island resort transfer is with Mala Island Resort at around TOP$125 per person.

To learn more about accommodations in Tonga, start with Where to Stay in Tonga: The Best Accommodations.

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Tour Company Airport Shuttles

Admittedly, there are not many tour companies offering airport transfers in Tonga. For the limited companies that are available, they offer similar advantages to accommodation airport transfers in that they can be arranged before arrival and provide a seamless transition to your accommodation. Currently, these services are only available on Tongatapu.

For instance, Teta Tours & Travel offers airport transfers between Fua’amotu Airport and your Tongatapu destination for approximately TOP$60 per person.

To learn more about tour companies in Tonga, take a look at the 10 Best Sightseeing Tours in Tonga and How to Book Tours in Tonga + Get the Best Deals.

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Car Rental Airport Delivery

If you’re planning on hiring a car in Tonga, a cost-effective option is to have your vehicle delivered to the local airport. Vehicle deliveries are a flat one-way fee. In other words, you are not charged per person, making this a cheaper airport transport option for couples and groups than getting an accommodation airport transfer. Of course, there are more costs associated with renting a car, which we breakdown in The Cost of Renting a Car in Tonga: Full Cost Breakdown.

Airport Delivery Fees for Car Rentals in Tonga

To get a rental car delivered to the airport in Tonga costs the following:

  • Car rental delivery to Fua’amotu (Tongatapu) Airport: TOP$45-$60
  • Car rental delivery to Lupepau’u (Vava’u) Airport: TOP$50
  • Car rental delivery to Kaufana (‘Eua) Airport: FREE

Note that car rental companies in Ha’apai don’t offer an airport delivery service.

The cheapest car rental airport deliveries in Tonga are with FAB Rentals (Tongatapu), Vava’u Lahi Car Rentals (Vava’u) and all of The Best Car Rentals on ‘Eua.

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Buses and Hitching to the Airport?

While buses are the cheapest type of transport in Tonga, no local buses run to and from Tonga’s airports. As for hitchhiking, it is possible and fairly common in Tongato to get a free ride. However, hitchhiking always comes with an element of risk, not to mention fairly unreliable for catching a time-constringent flight.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about these alternative transport methods, check out A Travellers’ Guide to Hitchhiking in Tonga and The Bus in Tonga: Bus Fares, Routes & More.

More About the Cheapest Airport Transfers in Tonga

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