Flight Destinations in Tonga

Taking slow cargo ships, ferries or sailing isn’t for everyone. Flights are frequently available to Tonga from overseas, as well as between islands. Get out an explore the different island groups of Tonga on the domestic flights available. Or you could start your journey in Tonga on a different island than you realised thanks to the multiple international airports available in Tonga! We give a quick overview of where you can fly to in Tonga in this guide.

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Airports in Tonga

Tonga is home to six airports across the five island groups, including two international airports, two airports with unsealed coral strips, one airport with a grass airstrip and one sealed runway with a main road running through it. Needless to say, Tonga’s airports are full of character.

Airports give a good indication of where you can fly to in Tonga. The airports in Tonga include:

  • Fua’amotu International Airport (Tongatapu)
  • Lupepau’u International Airport (Vava’u)
  • Salote Pilolevu Airport (Lifuka Island, Ha’apai)
  • Kaufana Airport (‘Eua)
  • Mata’aho Airport (Niuatoputapu)
  • Kuini Lavinia Airport (Niuafo’ou)

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Domestic Flight Destinations

Where Can You Fly to in Tonga?

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There is one domestic flight carrier in Tonga, Real Tonga Airlines. They operate daily scheduled flights between Tonga’s island groups, except on a Sunday. They fly to all of the airports stated in the above section.

Real Tonga Airlines Domestic Destinations

Real Tonga Airlines offers inter-island flights between Tongatapu’s Fu’amotu Airport and the following destinations:

  • Vava’u
  • Lifuka Island, Ha’apai
  • ‘Eua

And between Vava’u and the following destinations:

  • Tongatapu
  • Lifuka Island, Ha’apai
  • Niuatoputapu
  • Niuafo’ou

See our Tonga Destination Guides to learn more about each destination.

Destinations for International Flights

Where Can You Fly to in Tonga?

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Two of Tonga’s airports are also the destination of several international flights across the South Pacific, including flights from Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Australia and New Zealand. Here are the destinations you can fly to in Tonga from overseas.

Real Tonga Airlines International Arrivals

  • Suva (Fiji) to Tongatapu
  • Apia (Samoa) to Tongatapu

Fiji Airways International Arrivals

  • Nadi (Fiji) to Tongatapu
  • Nadi (Fiji) to Vava’u
  • Apia (Samoa) to Vava’u

Talofa Airways International Arrivals

  • Pago Pago (American Samoa) to Tongatapu

Air New Zealand International Arrivals

  • Auckland (New Zealand) to Tongatapu

Virgin Australia International Arrivals

  • Auckland (New Zealand) to Tongatapu
  • Sydney (Australia) to Tongatapu

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Where Can You Fly to in Tonga?