The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days(c)
The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days

The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days [2023]


Our Selection of the Best 5-Day Itineraries for Tonga

5 Days in Tonga is just enough time to sample a couple of island groups in the Kingdom of Tonga. Depending on what type of traveller you are, we recommend different Tonga destinations to different people. See our compilation of the best 5-Day Tonga itineraries in the guide below! Whether you’re a couple on a honeymoon, a family on holiday, a budget backpacker, luxury traveller or a foodie, you’ll find something to suit in this list of the best Tonga itineraries for 5 days!

Destinations Visited in Our Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days

Tonga is made up of whopping 169 islands, so let us break down the main islands groups that you will visit in these Tonga itineraries for 5 days.


Tongatapu is where most travellers arrive in Tonga via Fua’amotu International Airport. Tongatapu features some of Tonga’s most famous historical sites and natural attractions, as well as the nation’s capital, Nuku’alofa. Find out more about Tongatapu and the capital in The Complete Guide to Tongatapu and The Complete Guide to Nuku’alofa.


‘Eua is Tonga’s oldest island and a nature lover’s paradise. By sitting only 45km (28 miles) southeast of Tongatapu, it’s a quick and easy island to get to on a 5-day getaway. However, with only budget accommodations available, it’s a destination that we only recommend only to certain types of travellers. Find out more about ‘Eua in The Complete Guide to ‘Eua.


This central island group of Tonga is made up of 62 scattered islands. Only 17 islands are inhabited with a few villages, one main town and a small selection of eco-resorts. Ha’apai is where you’ll find white sand beaches, tranquil lagoons and small islands topped with swaying palms. Learn more in The Complete Guide to Ha’apai.


Vava’u is a one-hour flight north of Tongatapu and features the widest array of water activities and resorts in Tonga, as well as the second-largest town, Neiafu. Vava’u consists of around 50 islands – a larger main island connecting to smaller islands via causeways and other islands compactly scattered across the archipelago. Learn more about Vava’u in The Complete Guide to Vava’u.

Tonga’s other island group is The Niuas, an island group closer to Samoa than it is to Tonga’s nearest island group, Vava’u. Getting to The Niuas would require at least three weeks in Tonga.

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Tonga Family Itinerary for 5 Days

For a quick family trip to Tonga, the islands of Tongatapu and Ha’apai are some of your best options. Tongatapu’s main hub, Nuku’alofa is the capital and a great introduction to the Kingdom.

In this Tonga Family Itinerary: 5 Days, you’ll then move onto what we consider the most family-friendly island group, Ha’apai. You’ll have access to an array of exciting water activities for all ages in the safe and sheltered lagoon of your chosen resort.

Overview: 5-Day Family Itinerary for Tonga

The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days(c)

Tonga Budget & Backpacking Itinerary for 5 Days

Budget travellers who only have five days in Tonga can still squeeze in some island-hopping and island exploration. We recommend experiencing both Tongatapu and ‘Eua Island, both offering an array of budget guesthouses and backpacker resorts, as well as free natural and historical attractions. Plus, by only being 45km (28 miles) apart, travelling between the two islands is inexpensive.

Check out the recommended places to stay, attractions to visit and more in the complete Tonga Budget & Backpacking Itinerary: 5 Days or check out the quick overview below.

Overview: 5-Day Budget Itinerary for Tonga

The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days(c)

Tonga Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary for 5 Days

With gorgeous white-sand beaches, glistening waters and swaying coconut palms, we suggest that couples with only five days in Tonga head straight to the tranquil and idyllic Ha’apai islands! Toward the end of our Tonga Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: 5 Days, we recommend checking out the capital, Nuku’alofa, to enjoy some historic sites and a variety of cuisine before leaving Tonga.

Get the honeymoon and romance itinerary overview below.

Overview: 5-Day Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary for Tonga

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Tonga Food Itinerary for 5 Days

Five days in Tonga is the perfect timeframe to hit the foodie highlights of Tonga. In our Tonga Food Itinerary: 5 Days, we take you to Tonga’s two major food hubs, Nuku’alofa in Tongatapu and Neiafu in Vava’u. You’ll experience an array of Tongan and international restaurants, as well as foodie experiences like Tongan feasts, bustling markets and plantation tours.

While our complete itinerary gives all the details, check out the quick destination overview below.

Overview: 5-Day Food Itinerary for Tonga

The Best Tonga Itineraries for 5 Days(c)

Tonga Luxury Itinerary for 5 Days

For a quick luxury getaway to some stunning South Pacific islands, this Tonga Luxury Itinerary: 5 Days is for you.

On a five-day trip, you can experience the delights of the capital of Tonga, as well as jet off to some of the finest sailing grounds in Vava’u. Whale swimming, scuba diving, big game fishing and simply indulging in doing nothing at all are all on the cards on a premium holiday in Tonga.

Check out the overview below of where to visit for the most luxurious experiences.

Overview: 5-Day Luxury Itinerary for Tonga

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Tonga Adults-Only Itinerary for 5 Days

An island escape without the kids (and undisturbed by other people’s kids) is an idyllic way to experience the South Pacific islands. Tonga is jumping on the adults-only accommodation trend, with apartments and resorts exclusively for adults in Nuku’alofa in Tongatapu and in the islands of Vava’u. Needless to say, these destinations are the main focus of our Tonga Adults-Only Itinerary: 5 Days.

See how we split the destinations over five days in the itinerary overview below.

Overview: 5-Day Adults-Only Itinerary for Tonga

More Tonga Itineraries

That’s it for the best Tonga itineraries for 5 days. If you can be more flexible with your travel dates, check out our other itineraries:

Before you go, be sure to bookmark The Complete Travel Guide to Tonga and 31 Tips for Travelling in Tonga for even more tips!


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