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5 Best Hikes in 'Eua

5 Best Hikes on ‘Eua

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The Top Hikes and Walks on ‘Eua Island

‘Eua is a hiker’s paradise. As the oldest island in Tonga, some 40 million years old, the landscapes here are incredible with volcanic lava flows, archways carved by the ocean, golden picturesque beaches, dramatic cliffs, and not to mention the dense verdant forest with incredible banyan trees! Walks are often accompanied by the sound of the koki, or the red shining parrot, only found on this island, as well as flying foxes and other tropical wildlife. Discover it all at a natural pace by embarking on the walks and hikes in ‘Eua listed below!

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Tips for Hiking on ‘Eua

Note that access to the start of the walking trails/logging roads on ‘Eua can either be done by rental car, while accommodation providers and the Visitor Information Centre (‘Ohonua) can also organise 4WD land tours to ‘Eua’s sights, eliminating some of the longer walks mentioned on this list.

Some of the walks mentioned are well-formed enough to walk independently, we recommend using offline maps with your GPS switched on using apps like mapy.cz or maps.me to keep you on the right logging/dirt roads.

Other trails are not well formed and absolutely need a local guide, which can also be organised through accommodation providers and the Visitor Information Centre. If your guide doesn’t state a price, a customary amount would be around TOP$50 per person for a half-day hike or TOP$100 for the full day. 

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1. Lakufa’anga Cliffs and Rock Garden Hike (Allow 2 Hours)

See unusual rock formations, wild horses, the Li’anga Huo ‘a Maui Natural Archway, the dramatic Lakufa’anga Cliffs and more on this amazing hike on the south coast of ‘Eua. The walk can be tackled independently by parking up on the roadside near the access gate (make sure to close it behind you). Alternatively, you can navigate the Rock Gardens in a high-clearance rental vehicle (like a Nissan X-Trail).

From the gate, the first 15 minutes of the walk takes hikers to the Rock Gardens where wild horses are also often seen roaming between the rock formations. Watch seabirds such as frigates, terns and white-tailed birds, swooping around the cliff faces. Allow around 30 minutes to explore the Rock Gardens and peer over the Lakufa’anga Cliffs, where the best viewpoints are indicated beside the interpretation panel.

From the interpretation panel, head east following the 4WD trail through the forest to a clearing and parking area which should take you around 10 minutes (300 m/330 yards). Here, you’ll find a sign and the 5-10-minute trail to Lianga Huo ‘a Maui, a huge natural landbridge to admire from a viewing platform.

Location: South coast of ‘Eua. Take the main road all of the way south until you reach a gate that you’ll need to open (and close behind you). The road turns into well-established grass trails that are easy to explore on foot (or by a high-clearance vehicle).

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2. Fangatave Beach and Caves Hike (Allow a Full Day)

While some attempt this hike independently, it’s easy to get lost so a guide is highly recommended for the Fangatave Beach and Caves Hike on the northeast of the island. Ask for guides at the Visitor Information Centre (‘Ohonua). Otherwise, ‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House (Pangai), also known as Kiko’s, offers tours there. The tour is a full-day tour; find out more in The Best Guided Tours in ‘Eua.

The hike mostly consists of scrambling down rocks until you eventually reach the beach. First, you’ll reach a view of Kahana Spring, before scrambling down to around 11 caves, which can be explored along the way.

At the bottom of the hike is Fangatave Beach which provides some more excellent walking, cooling off in the water and awesome views of the cliffs you just climbed down. Yes, you have to climb the very same way to get back up again!

Location: Signposted along the dirt road heading east at the northern end of Houma village, northeast coast of ‘Eua. A guide is highly recommended.

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3. Hafu Pool and Big ‘Ovava Tree #1 (Allow 3 Hours)

Pack your swimwear (and insect repellent) for this adventure to a freshwater pool and breathtaking view of a giant banyan tree.

First, you need to make your way to Hafu Pool, which is a series of refreshing freshwater pools among the forest. As the road there is a little iffy for low-clearance vehicles, you can start your walk from the main road at the obvious signpost for “Hafu Pool” (between Mata’aho and ‘Esia villages). Walk for about 40 minutes (1.8 km/1.1 mi) all the way to the road’s end where there are two small concrete dams to keep the water at prime dipping level to freshen up.

Across the pool is a well-established trail to the “Big ‘Ovava Tree #1“. Cross the longer of the concrete dams and follow the trail for 5-10 minutes. At the fork, turn left and then left again to find the sign for the “Big ‘Ovava Tree #1”. Be mindful of your step, however, as the tree plunges deep into the caves below. There is another sight in this area, Heke Slide, but it is harder to find so requires a guide to get there.

Location: Signposted between Mata’aho and ‘Esia villages down a narrow 1.8 km (1.1 mi) dirt road. To drive this road, a high-clearance vehicle is advised.

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4. Lokupo Beach and ‘Eua National Park Hike (Allow a Full Day)

A full-day hike and something a bit more challenging than the other walks we’ve mentioned so far, the walks in the ‘Eua National Park are simply stunning. A guide is a must to follow the rough trails through the forest. You’ll likely be taken by your guide on the 4WD logging roads of the ‘Eua National Park toward the Lokupo Lookout, then your hike begins with a steep descent through tropical forest down to Lokupo Beach. (To make your own way to the Lokupo Lookout, check out directions in Sightseeing on ‘Eua: Top 10 Sights & Natural Attractions).

Along with the viewpoints and the beach, you’ll get views of the second-deepest ocean trench in the world and what’s thought to be the main reason for the humpback whales’ migration to Tonga. With that, between July and October, the track is a good place to look out for whales!

You’ll join onto the Veifefe Track, following old lava flows and giant boulders until you finally reach the beach. The beach is ideal for swimming and snorkelling in the rock pools. Return the way you came.

Location: East coast of ‘Eua. Access to the ‘Eua National Park is via the signposted logging road at the intersection from the main road in Kolomaile/Ha’atu’a villages.

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5. The Coastline Between ‘Ohonua and Tufuvai (40 Minutes One Way)

Finally, if you’re staying at Seta’s Guesthouse or Blue Water Retreat, then you have a gorgeous coastline to explore right on your doorstep. The shore between ‘Ohonua and Tufuvai villages has the picturesque Tufuvai Beach, ideal for a gentle stroll, as well as a number of tidal pools full of tropical marine life. While this is not an official walk, the area is a good place to don your reef shoes and enjoy an easy walk along the coast.

Learn more about the accommodation along this coastline in our guide, Where to Stay in ‘Eua: The Best ‘Eua Accommodations.

Location: Between Tufuvai and ‘Ohonua, west coast of ‘Eua.

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More About Hikes on ‘Eua

That’s it for our list of the best walks and hikes on ‘Eua. For more adventures on the beautiful island, take a look at the following:

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