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Scuba Diver Couple Mandatory Credit To Small

6 Romantic Activities in ‘Eua for Couples


Things to Do in ‘Eua for Couples

For the adventurous couple wanting to be in touch with nature, ‘Eua is the ideal destination. The 40 million-year-old island is the oldest in Tonga, home to dramatic landscapes and ancient rainforest. Its lands attract tropical birds, while its water play host to migrating whales every winter. It’s a place to escape from the modern world and reconnect with the simple things in life and each other. So for couples on a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, these are the activities to amp up the romance in this list of activities in ‘Eua for couples!

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1. Explore ‘Eua’s Beaches

‘Eua is blessed with some glorious beaches, which most of the time, are completely empty. It might sound cliche, but ‘Eua is perfect for “long walks on the beach” where it’s likely to see whales on the horizon between July and October. The beaches are backed by lush vegetation and fringed by tidal pools, some even big enough to snorkel in like a human-sized aquarium! Check out Ha’aluma Beach on the south coast for its long white sandy beach and ancient Tongan stone cuts. Tufuvai Beach is also quite picturesque and easily accessible from The Hideaway and Blue Water Retreat accommodations. ‘Ufilei Beach is just north of Ohonua and is a better beach for swimming. Otherwise, guided hikes to Fangatave Beach and Lokupo Beach on the east side of the island are amazing rewards after trekking through caves and the rainforest.

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2. Tackle a Glorious Hike Together

Accomplishing a hike together can be a rewarding experience, especially with such amazing things to see along the way. While there are some fantastic guided hikes that we fully recommend, there are other hikes that be done just the two of you. For instance, the southern Lakufa’anga Cliff Hike features incredible Rock Gardens, the Li’angahuo ‘a Maui Archway and the breathtaking Ha’aluma Beach. Alternatively, the Forest Plantation Hike has incredible tracts of planted forest, as well as giant banyan trees and astonishing lookouts over the ‘Eua National Park. Transfers to and from the trails and maps/information are provided by the island’s accommodations.

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3. Be Each Other’s Buddy in a Scuba Diving Trip

Experienced divers have some of the best dive sites in Tonga at their doorstep in ‘Eua. Buddy up and tackle the renowned Cathedral Cave together, the South Pacific largest underwater cave at 100m/330ft long, 50m/165ft wide and 30m/100ft deep. The main cavern has beams of lights shining through the ceiling, giving you incredible visibility for the cave’s dwellers, including sharks, groupers and large schools of fish. Scuba diving at Cathedral Cave is available from both ‘Eua and Tongatapu.

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4. Share a Life-Changing Experience Swimming with Whales

Tonga is one of the very few places in the world where you can swim with whales in their natural environment. Between July and October, humpback whales frequent the waters surrounding ‘Eua to breed and calve, giving travellers on ‘Eua the unique opportunity to see whales in their element. Snorkel with these gentle giants on one of the small-boat tours, such as Kiko’s Whale Watching or Deep Blue Diving.

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5. Explore the Island on Horseback

What’s more romantic than seeing your loved one riding a majestic steed? While ‘Eua might be known for its wild horses, there are some tame ones available to hire from local villagers, suitable for those with horse riding experience. Alternatively, guides are available to guide horses for a more relaxing horseback experience. Either way, the dirt roads through forests and villages make the ideal terrain for horse riding. We also recommend riding to and along Tufuvai Beach. Horse riding is available with accommodations, such as The Hideaway, Taina’s Place and Blue Water Retreat.

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6. Do Some Bird Watching

Join the love birds of ‘Eua! The birdlife on the island is incredible, especially with the protected area of the ‘Eua National Park keeping wildlife habitats in check. The star of the ‘Eua show is the red shining parrot or the “koki”, only found on this island. You can spot the koki in the forests of the island, especially in the ‘Eua National Park and in the south of the island. Other birds in the forest include the Pacific pigeon, swiftlets and noddies, while there are plenty of seabirds seen around the Lakufa’anga Cliffs area, such as brown booby, white terns, white-tailed birds and frigate birds.

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More Romantic Activities in ‘Eua for Couples

That’s it for the most romantic activities on ‘Eua for couples. You might also like to check out The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Tonga and 10 Romantic Things to Do in Tonga for Couples for more honeymooning tips.


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