How to Plan the Best Trip to Tongatapu Welcome to Tongatapu, the “Sacred South” of Tonga. Often described as Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu is not only home to the kingdom’s capital, but it is
Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways on Tongatapu If you’re searching for a wedding or honeymoon destination that is as unique as the couple you are, then consider the island group of Tongatap
The Family Guide to Tongatapu Tongatapu is an exciting destination for families, especially those who love to adventure together. Get out on the water to see humpback whales or snorkel at colourful re
Things to Do on Tongatapu for Couples The rugged beauty of the Tongatapu coastline, unique experiences and mesmerising island culture make Tonga’s main island an amazing destination for romantic get
Family-Friendly Activities in Tongatapu An adventurous holiday awaits families heading to Tongatapu! Tonga’s main island is awash in amazing land formations, fascinating (and funny) wildlife, as wel
Tongatapu Food Guide Food is more than just a necessity, it’s an experience on the island of Tongatapu. Tonga is known across the South Pacific for its feasts “fit for a king”, which, considerin
Food-Related Experiences on Tongatapu Feasts, fishing and gathering are all part of the Tongan way of life. Get a taste for the lifestyle and culture for yourself through the many foodie experiences o
How to Save Money on Tongatapu Budget travellers won’t find many challenges when it comes to saving money on Tongatapu. Tonga’s main island is one of the cheapest places to stay across the 169 isl
Amazing Activities in Tongatapu Tongatapu is not only Tonga’s administrative hub being home to the capital, but it’s a hub for an array of activities in Tonga! Some of the islands’ most fascinat
Budget Activities in Tongatapu You certainly don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy the sights of Tongatapu! Tonga’s main island is brimming with interesting historical sites, unusual natural for
What Services are Available in Tongatapu? Will you have access to the essential shops and services in Tongatapu? Well, Tongatapu is the best place to be in Tonga for having the convenience of supermar
Luxury Holidays on Tongatapu We all find luxury in different things and if yours is adventuring and unwinding in a tropical paradise that’s still fairly undiscovered, then you’re going to love Ton
Child-Free Experiences on Tongatapu Tongatapu is hardly a destination where screaming kids are going to spoil your holiday. Nevertheless, if you’ve had an adult-only getaway in the South Pacific bef
How to Visit Tongatapu on a Budget The “Sacred South”, otherwise known as Tongatapu, is one of the most budget-friendly islands in Tonga. Not only is getting around cheap and easy, but the island