10 Romantic Activities in Ha'apai for Couples
10 Romantic Activities in Ha'apai for Couples

10 Romantic Activities in Ha’apai for Couples

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Things to Do in Ha’apai for Couples

Ha’apai is a remote island group in the centre of Tonga where couples can reconnect with nature and each other. The landscape is utterly romantic, with vibrant waters, secluded sandy shores and swaying palms, while the activities here are unforgettable. Spend your days swimming with whales, being whisked away to an island all to yourselves, doubling up in a kayak to explore the azure waters and oh-so-much more! Get an idea of how you could be spending time in paradise with your loved one with this list of romantic activities in Ha’apai for couples.

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1. Be Treated to a Private Island Experience

Ready to be whisked away with your loved one to your own private island? Sea Change Eco Retreat on Uolevu Island offers the opportunity for couples to spend the day on one of the nearby tiny islands fringed by stunning coral reefs. On the island, it will be just the two of you, some snorkelling gear, beach towels and a picnic lunch to make the most of the experience. All you need to do is radio call the crew when and if you’re ready to leave. Alternatively, get marooned together for 10 days on Luahako Island, which can be organised through the Sandy Beach Resort or Matafonua Lodge. Check out the 5 Best Honeymoon Accommodation in Ha’apai for more details.

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2. Experience Whale Swimming

Nothing strengthens the bond quite like experiencing something life-changing together. Swimming with humpback whales is definitely one of those experiences. Jump on one of the very few whale swimming tours in Ha’apai that operate between July and October and see the whales in their element. Join mothers and playful calves in the water or see juveniles “showing off”. It’s sure to give you a whole new level of respect for life in the ocean.

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3. Explore an Island on Horseback

There’s something quite romantic about seeing your loved one riding a majestic horse, right? Horse riding might be a way of life on the islands of Ha’apai, as a way of getting around, but it’s also a romantic way to explore some of Lifuka Island. Sandy Beach Resort and Matafonua Lodge offer guests the opportunity to join local villagers for an island-style horse trek (i.e. bareback) embarking on a journey through tropical forest, across sandy beaches and even taking your horse for a swim.

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4. Have a Private Beach Dinner or an Island Picnic Lunch

Sea Change Eco Retreat offers guests the opportunity to amp up their dining experience on Uolevu Island, free of charge! Dine under the stars as they organise a private candlelit dinner for you on the beach. Alternatively, they can prepare a picnic for you to enjoy while exploring the island on foot among the myriad of trails and discovering secluded beaches. See more experiences like this in the 6 Things to Do in Ha’apai for Foodies.

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5. Be Each Other’s “Buddy” in a Scuba Diving Trip

Experienced divers have an amazing array of tunnels to swim through and reefs to explore, while newbies have the opportunity to learn a new skill together through scuba diving in Ha’apai! You have two scuba diving operators to choose from, Sandy Beach and Matafonua’s PADI-affiliated dive courses and trips or the Ha’apai Beach Resort’s SSI-affiliated trips. Both offer amazing dive experiences seeing vibrant marine life in virtually untouched coral reefs.

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6. Refresh and Rejuvenate in a Yoga Session

Get into the same state of mind as each other and let the islands of Ha’apai rejuvenate you through one of the yoga sessions. Both Serenity Beaches Resort and Sea Change Eco Retreat have their own yoga pavilions nestled in coconut palms and steps away from the beach, providing the ideal environment for relaxation. Prepare for whale swimming with Sea Change Eco Retreat’s “Whale & Yoga” sessions before and after your whale swimming experience.

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7. See the Sights by Bike

A fun way for couples to explore the islands independently is by hiring a bicycle. It’s likely that your resort or guesthouse will hire out bikes, sometimes for free, while bikes can also be rented from the Mariner’s Cafe in Pangai. Then you have the whole of Lifuka Island and Foa Island to ride across, which is thankfully flat and full of interesting sights. See historical monuments, breathtaking lookouts and discover glorious beaches as you peddle around the islands. Check out some of the sights you can visit and where using the 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Ha’apai.

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8. Test Your Relationship in a Double Kayak

Ha’apai’s waters are often tranquil protected lagoons, crystal clear and ideal for kayaking. Double up in a kayak and explore the shores and reefs together, often much more efficiently if paddling well together! Alternatively, keep the peace by hiring out single kayaks… Most resorts hire out kayaks for free, which your honeymoon budget will certainly thank you for.

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9. Do a Sunset Paddleboarding Tour

While quite a few resorts offer complimentary use of stand-up paddleboards (SUP), Sandy Beach Resort and its sister resort, Matafonua Lodge, offer sunset safaris that take you out at a stunning time to be out on the water. You can also join them for one of their nighttime paddles with floodlights lit to see the nighttime creatures of the deep. They also offer SUP fitness and yoga.

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10. Snuggle Up in a Hammock

Let’s be honest, you’re going to want to relax at some point, soak in the sun and feel the balmy island breeze wash over you. All of Ha’apai’s resorts have places to unwind, whether it’s on your fale’s private deck or from a secluded hammock in the trees. Snuggling up in a hammock and embracing the here and now is not a bad way to spend a romantic getaway in Tonga.

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More Romantic Activities in Ha’apai for Couples

That’s it for the most romantic activities in Ha’apai for couples. You might also like to check out The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Tonga and 10 Romantic Things to Do in Tonga for Couples for more honeymooning tips.


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