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10 Dos and Don'ts in Tonga

10 Dos and Don’ts in Tonga

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Cultural Protocol in Tonga

A new country means new customs. This is especially true for Tonga, which has a rich Polynesian culture with religious customs. You will want to get it right. We go over the cultural protocols and local customs to be aware of in this easy-to-digest list of the dos and don’ts of Tonga!

For more information on local customs, be sure to check out Tonga Etiquette: Respecting the Local Customs. Plus, learn more about the local culture in The Guide to the Tongan Culture for Travellers.

1. DO Dress Respectfully in Public

While it’s acceptable to wear just about whatever you want in tourist accommodation, be mindful of how you dress in public. Respectful dress is important to Tongans, so try to avoid wearing revealing clothing, especially in villages. On a similar note, wearing all black means that you are mourning in the Tongan culture, so try to avoid wearing all black if this is not the case for you. For clothing to pack for Tonga, see What Clothes to Pack to Travel Tonga.

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2. DO Wear Your Sunday Best to Church

Sunday is a sacred day in this highly religious country where going to a church service is an interesting insight into the local way of life. When going to a church service, both men and women must cover their knees and shoulders. It’s also respectful to wear more formal clothing, such as a shirt for men or a dress for women.

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3. DON’T Wear a Hat to Church

On a similar note, don’t wear a hat to church, as only women who have been admitted to the congregation are allowed to wear hats. For more church rules of etiquette, check out the 10 Best Churches in Tonga to Experience as a Visitor.

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4. DON’T Exercise on a Sunday

In relation to the Sunday day of rest, Tongans spend Sundays with family, feasting and resting. Tongan law reflects this where it is prohibited to conduct business on a Sunday, as well as to exercise or do sports. There is an exception to the rule in resorts, where you are allowed to use their watersports equipment and swim, for example. Otherwise, if you’re outside of a resort, do not go swimming, kayaking, running or do any other form of exercise or sports.

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5. DON’T Do Chores on a Sunday

It is also prohibited to do any chores on a Sunday. While most travellers will be trying to avoid chores at all costs (who wants to do chores on a holiday?!), this means that you shouldn’t do your laundry, for example, on a Sunday if you are staying outside of a resort. For things you can do on a Sunday, see the 10 Things to Do in Tonga on a Sunday.

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6. DON’T Go Topless in Public

It is illegal to be topless in public in Tonga, no matter whether you are male or female. Males can be topless in resorts, but it is not customary for females to go topless even in a resort.

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7. DO Engage with Locals Politely

Being polite and “keeping face” is very important in the Tongan culture, so it’s best to engage locals politely. Displaying anger or frustration is bad practice.

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8. DO Tip During Cultural Performances But DON’T Feel Like You Have to for Hospitality

In tradition, tipping has always been a no-no in Polynesian cultures, which has been against the rules of hospitality. However, tipping is becoming more common with the growth of tourism. While tipping is not mandatory or expected in Tonga, it is very much appreciated to show gratuity. Gifts from your home country are also a good way to say thanks.

On the subject of tipping, it is customary to tip during cultural shows and especially during performances performed by young women known as a tau’olunga. This form of tipping is known as fakapale and money can be given by tucking bank notes into their clothing or being placed on the floor in front of them. Learn more about the custom in our Tonga Tipping & Tax Guide for Travellers.

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9. DO Have Patience

As with many island nations around the world, Tonga runs on island time, or what we like to call “Tonga Time”. For instance, there are no schedules for public buses and ferry schedules are rarely adhered to. Be prepared for things to slow down.

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10. DON’T Haggle

While the markets are an integral part of the Tongan culture, it is not customary to haggle or barter for a lower price. Learn more about shopping in The Guide to Shopping in Tonga + The Best Places to Shop.

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More Dos and Don’ts in Tonga

That’s it for the list of dos and don’ts in Tonga. For more rules to live by in Tonga, take a look at the following:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in the Tongan Etiquette: Tonga Customs & Traditions.


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