What Are the Tonga Phone Networks?(c) tongapocketguide.com
What Are the Tonga Phone Networks?

What Are the Tonga Phone Networks?

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Which Tonga Phone Network to Choose

Travelling to Tonga for leisure or for business? The best and cheapest way to stay connected is to buy a local SIM card. WiFi in Tonga is scarce, unreliable and/or quite expensive (just see Where to Get WiFi in Tonga), so getting connected to the Tonga phone networks ensures you can keep in touch with home and the rest of Tonga.

There are two phone networks in Tonga: UCall, also known as TCC, and Digicel Tonga. We compare prepaid phone bundles, prices, coverage and where to buy SIM cards in the guide below. Note that prices are approximate to give a general idea of the ever-changing rates.

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Will Your Phone Work with a Tonga SIM Card?

If you’re planning to use your phone from overseas in Tonga, rather than buying a new phone when you arrive, then you need to make sure your phone is compatible with the Tonga phone networks.

Here are the criteria your phone needs to have to work with a Tonga SIM card:

  • Your phone is a GSM dual-band or tri-band phone
  • Your phone operates on a 900Mhz frequency (or 1,800 MHz with Digicel 4G/LTE).

And to charge your phone, you’ll need a type 1 travel adapter! Check out some of our recommended adapters in the 8 Best Travel Adapters for Tonga.

What Are the Tonga Phone Networks?(c) tongapocketguide.com

UCall (TCC)

The state-owned TCC (Tonga Communication Corporation) owns UCall and is worth considering for travellers. Find them at Fua’amotu Airport, as well as at their offices in Nuku’alofa, ‘Eua, Lifuka Island (Ha’apai), Vava’u and Niuatoputapu. UCall have the widest coverage in Tonga, with 4G on Tongatapu and Vava’u and 3G across various outer islands.

SIM cards cost around TOP$5 and come with 500 mins, texts and Mb included. As for topping up, it can be done through phone vouchers purchased at retail stores, online at ding.com, at TCC stores and at local ANZ bank ATMs. With your credit, mobile prepaid plans can be purchased. We list some of the most useful plans for tourists and approximate prices below.

UCall Text and Call Plans

  • 24-Hour Bundle, 100 mins and 100 texts for around TOP$1.25
  • 5-Day Bundle, 250 mins and 250 texts for around TOP$4
  • 10-Day Bundle, 500 mins and 500 texts for around TOP$6
  • 30-Day Bundle, 1,000 mins and 1,000 texts for around TOP$10

UCall Data Plans

  • 24-Hour Bundle, 1GB for around TOP$3
  • 2-Day Bundle, 1GB for around TOP$4
  • 7-Day Bundle, 2GB for around TOP$10
  • 14-Day Bundle, 5GB for around TOP$15
  • 30-Day Bundle, 7GB for around TOP$20
  • 30-Day Bundle, 15GB for around TOP$45

Other Mobile Plans with UCall

UCall also have affordable call-only plans and text-only plans. Visitors may also find the All-in-One Plan useful during their travels, which includes calls, texts and data with one payment. For instance,

  • 2-Day Bundle, 100 mins, 100 texts and 22Mb for around TOP$4
  • 5-Day Bundle, 250 mins, 250 texts and 500Mb for around TOP$10
  • 10-Day Bundle, 500 mins, 500 texts and 1Gb for around TOP$15
  • 30-Day Bundle, 1,000 mins, 1,000 texts and 2Gb for around TOP$30
  • 30-Day Bundle, 2,000 mins, 2,000 texts and 5Gb for around TOP$50.
What Are the Tonga Phone Networks?(c) tongapocketguide.com

Digicel Tonga

Your alternative phone network in Tonga, Digicel Tonga is from a commercial carrier well-represented in the South Pacific. Find them at Fua’amotu Airport, Nuku’alofa, ‘Eua, Lifuka (Ha’apai) and Vava’u. Digicel Tonga has coverage in the main populated areas of Tonga including 4G.

SIM cards cost around TOP$5, where mobile prepaid plans can be purchased or flat rates will be charged. Digicel Tonga is a little easier to top-up than UCall, with options to top-up on the Digicel website, on the mobile app, as well as with vouchers in retail stores. With your credit, prepaid plans are available to purchase – the below options being the most useful for visitors.

Digicel Tonga Text and Call Plans

  • 24-Hour Bundle, 200 mins and 200 texts for around TOP$2
  • 7-Day Bundle, 1,000 mins and 1,000 texts for around TOP$5

Digicel Tonga Data Plans

  • 1-Hour Bundle, 100Mb for around TOP$1
  • 24-Hour Bundle, 200Mb for around TOP$2
  • 7-Day Bundle, 500Mb for around TOP$3
  • 7-Day Bundle, 1Gb for around TOP$5
  • 14-Day Bundle, 2.5Gb for around TOP$10
  • 30-Day Bundle, 6GB for around TOP$20
  • 30-Day Bundle, 15GB for around TOP$50

Other Mobile Plans with Digicel Tonga

Digicel Tonga’s other mobile plan that might be useful for visitors is the International Bundle. This bundle allows customers to call selected countries (and selected phone networks in selected countries) for 40 minutes for around TOP$4. The bundle is valid for 24 hours. Selected countries include the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Digicel Samoa, Digicel Vanuatu, Digicel PNG, Digicel Nauru, Digicel Fiji, China, Ireland, South Korea, UK, India, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan and Spain.


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