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8 Best Travel Adapters for Tonga

8 Best Travel Adapters for Tonga

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Power Adapters for Tonga

It’s a packing essential: a travel adapter for Tonga. Taking amazing photos of Tonga’s islands, bragging about your whale swim on Facebook, or perhaps charging your laptop for work all relies on having the right travel adapter for Tonga.

The electrical current in Tonga is 240v AC 50Hz. If you have any electronic items that use 110v, you’ll either have a 110v/240v switch on the item or you will need a travel adapter with a voltage converter.

Tonga uses a Type 1 outlet, the same as New Zealand, Australia and China. We go through a few good travel adapters for Tonga in the list below. Otherwise, if you want to dive deeper into the electricity of Tonga, see A Quick Guide to Electricity in Tonga. For more Tonga advice, see 30 Tips for Travelling in Tonga.

1. The No-Nonsense Tonga Travel Adapter

A cheap but good travel adapter for Tonga is this Tonga Travel Adapter. With surge protection, your devices will be protected from an electrical surge that can be sometimes caused by storms. The travel adapter has dual ports, one accepting the US/European connectors and the other accepting connectors from other countries. The universal travel adapter accepts the 240 volts electrical current in Tonga, however, it does not feature a voltage converter so be careful with devices made for the Americas, as well as some hairdryers and shavers.

Check this Tonga Travel Adapter out!

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2. USB-to-Tonga Travel Adapter

The ultimate universal power socket is the USB port! As you might have guessed, USB sockets connecting to the mains power is not popular in Tonga. Until it is, you’ll have to get yourself a USB travel adapter like this Ceptics US & USB to Tonga Travel Adapter. Yes, it even features an extra two-prong US connector, should you have a couple of devices without a USB charger. We also like the lifetime warranty!

Check the Ceptics US & USB to Tonga Travel Adapter out!

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3. Adapter and Converter Multi-Plug

An essential for travellers from the Americas, this power adapter for Tonga is not only an adapter but is also a converter. This device converts electrical devices that usually use 110v 60Hz to Tonga’s 240v 50Hz, which is essential to avoid electrical fires and protect your devices from burning out. Because Americans might run into this electrical issue around the world, we recommend a universal adapter/converter, like the BESTEK Travel Adapter which has four different types of socket outputs.

Check the BESTEK Travel Adapter out!

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4. Compact Tonga Travel Adapter

This travel adapter has the three Cs that we like: compact, colourful and cheap! The OREI Travel Adapter is the ideal solution to hotel/resort rooms with limited plug sockets thanks to the fact that it can fit two connectors in one device. If you’re just looking for a cheap travel adapter for a one-off trip, then these are a good choice. However, note that they do not feature surge protection nor convert voltage.

Check these OREI Tonga Travel Adapters out!

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5. Dual USB to Tonga Travel Adapter

Another goody from OREI, this sturdy little thing is a good-looking piece of tech with two USB ports to charge your phone, camera, tablet or whatever! It has a USB protection cover to stop dirt from getting in, while also having the added bonus of surge protection. Although there is a US input socket too, it doesn’t convert voltage.

Check the OREI Dual USB to Tonga Travel Adapter out!

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6. Universal Travel Adapter

For the traveller who wants to see it all but doesn’t want all of the travel adapters, this highly popular universal travel adapter for you! Working in over 170 countries, there’s no need to find online listicles like this again! This travel adapter will input and output for over 150 countries across the globe. It features three USB ports and one USB-C port. Charge four devices at the same time and you’ll be good to go for your next Tonga adventure.

Check this Universal Travel Adapter out!

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7. 3-Pack Tiny Travel Adapter

Families, you might want to make sure there are multiple adapters available! These simple US to Tonga travel adapters by Ceptics come in a pack of three and are very reasonably priced. However, there is no voltage converter so be sure to check which devices you use with it. Check out more family tips in 10 Essential Tips for Travelling to Tonga With Children.

Check the Ceptics Tiny Travel Adapter (3-Pack) out!

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8. The Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

While travel-sized items are always fun additions to your suitcase, this might just be taking the biscuit! The Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter is not only the smallest travel adapter we’ve been able to find, but it’s also compatible with more than 150 countries including Tonga! Again, no voltage converter but at least it’s affordable. See more items to add to your suitcase in The Complete Packing List for Tonga.

Check the Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter out!

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