The Best SIM Card in Tonga For Travellers(c)
The Best SIM Card in Tonga For Travellers

The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2024]


A Complete Guide to Travellers SIM Cards in Tonga

Replace expensive roaming bills and crappy WiFi with a local SIM card in Tonga! Keep in touch with home, post your whale selfies and keep on getting great travel tips on by getting yourself a Tonga SIM card. There are two phone networks in Tonga, UCall (TCC) and Digicel Tonga. Both carriers sell SIM cards for around TOP$5, but the value of the prepaid phone plans is what determines which is the best SIM card in Tonga for travellers! We compare plans, prices and coverage, as well as explain how to purchase phone plans in the guide below! Note that prices are approximate to give a general idea of the ever-changing rates.

Who Are the Phone Network Providers in Tonga?

There are just two phone network providers in Tonga: Digicel Tonga and the state-owned UCall (TCC). Although international SIM cards and eSIMs exist for Tonga, these are significantly more expensive than the plans offered by the local phone networks. Therefore, we won’t try to sell you any bogus SIM cards on this website. You’re welcome.

As for whether your phone will work with a Tonga SIM card, head over to our complete guide, Will Your Phone Work in Tonga?

The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2023]©

How to Get a Tonga SIM Card

First things first, you need to make sure that your phone is unlocked, is compatible with GSM networks and with frequencies of 900 and/or 1,800 MHz. Find out more in Will Your Phone Work in Tonga?

Where to Get a SIM Card in Tonga?

Tonga SIM cards can be purchased from any UCall and Digicel office in Tonga. Both companies have outlets in Nuku’alofa (Tongatapu), Pangai (Ha’apai), Angaha (‘Eua) and Neiafu (Vava’u), as well as Fua’amotu International Airport. Offices are usually open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. The Fua’amotu Airport offices are only open for arrival flights. The outlets that most visitors will use are:

  • Digicel, Fua’amotu Airport International Terminal, Fua’amotu, Tongatapu
  • UCall, Fua’amotu Airport International Terminal, Fua’amotu, Tongatapu
  • Digicel, Fatafehi Road, Kolofo’ou, Nuku’alofa
  • TCC, Salote Road, Fongoloa, Nuku’alofa
  • TCC, Taufa’ahau Road (Tonga Post Building), Nuku’alofa
  • Digicel, Malau Hall, Angaha (southern end of the sports field), ‘Eua
  • TCC, Main Road, Pangai, ‘Eua
  • Digicel and TCC, Pangai, Ha’apai (both have branches on the same road as the “Mystery Cross” attraction in Pangai; at Hala Holopeka Road (the main road), take the road inland at the Customs Office and the phone network offices are about 100 m (110 yards) down this road)
  • Digicel Tonga, Sanft Building (overlooking small boat marina), Neiafu, Vava’u
  • TCC, Fatafehi Road (straight across the road from the wharf), Neiafu, Vava’u.
The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2023]©

Digicel Tonga SIM Cards

As one of the main phone carriers of the South Pacific, it’s no surprise that Digicel has a presence in Tonga. The ease of topping up credit online and through the brand’s mobile app is one of the main appeals of Digicel Tonga. They also offer a faster network on the most populated islands of Tonga, however, they provide limited coverage of the more remote outer islands.

Digicel Tonga Data Plans

  • 7 Day, 3 Gb/7 days for around TOP$10
  • 30 Day, 7 Gb/30 days for around TOP$20
  • Data 1, 2 Gb/30 days for around TOP$10
  • Data 2, 5 Gb/30 days for around TOP$20
  • Data 3, 5 Gb/30 days for around TOP$35
  • Data 4, 25 Gb/30 days for around TOP$65.

Digicel Tonga Text and Call Plans

  • Voice & SMS Local 100, 100 mins and 100 texts/30 days for around TOP$10
  • Voice & SMS Local 200, 200 mins and 200 texts/30 days for around TOP$20
  • Voice International 200, 200 mins/30 days for around TOP$20.
The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2024]©

UCall (TCC) SIM Cards

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) is a state-owned communications company that also owns the alternative phone network, UCall. UCall offers a range of good value data bundles, as well as more coverage on remote islands compared to Digicel (however, their coverage in the most populated areas of Tonga is not as good as Digicel’s – see “The Best SIM Card for Coverage in Tonga” section below. 4G speed is available in Tongatapu and Vava’u only. They also offer minutes, texts and data already included when you purchase a SIM card.

UCall Pre-Loaded SIM Cards

One useful feature of the UCall SIM card, which costs approximately TOP$5, is that it comes with the following already included:

  • 500 mins, 500 texts and 4 Gb.

Then, you can pay for the following plans:

UCall Data Plans

  • 1 Gb/1 day for around TOP$3
  • 1 Gb/2 days for around TOP$4
  • 2 Gb/7 days for around TOP$10
  • 5 Gb/14 days for around TOP$15
  • 7 Gb/30 days for around TOP$20
  • 15 Gb/30 days for around TOP$45
  • 20 Gb/30 days for around TOP$50
  • 30 Gb/30 days for around TOP$70
  • 40 Gb/30 days for around TOP$90
  • 50 Gb/30 days for around TOP$100.

UCall Text and Call Plans

  • 24-Hour Bundle, 100 mins and 100 texts for around TOP$1.25
  • 5-Day Bundle, 250 mins and 250 texts for around TOP$4
  • 10-Day Bundle, 500 mins and 500 texts for around TOP$6
  • 30-Day Bundle, 1,000 mins and 1,000 texts for around TOP$10.
The Best SIM Card in Tonga For Travellers(c)

The Best SIM Card for Coverage in Tonga

Although UCall is a state-owned telecommunications company with a monopoly on landlines and ADSL Internet access across Tonga’s more remote locations, as well as ample coverage in more populated areas, Digicel offers better network coverage and speeds in Tonga’s most populated islands, i.e. the islands that most travellers visit, particularly Tongatapu, Lifuka (Ha’apai), Foa (Ha’apai), ‘Eua and Neiafu (Vava’u).

Therefore, if you want to select a Tonga SIM card for the best coverage and speed, we recommend Digicel. But, as you can see from the price tables above, UCall offers a much cheaper deal to stay connected and has the added advantage of often allowing you to connect from some island resorts.

The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2023]©

How to Check Your Usage and Top-Up Your SIM Card in Tonga

To use your Tonga SIM card, you’re going to first need to purchase some credit.

Where to Top Up Your Phone in Tonga

Phone vouchers can be purchased at various supermarkets and fale koloa (convenience stores) around Tonga, TCC (UCall) and Digicel Tonga stores and TCC customers can also get them at local ANZ ATMs. Digicel customers can also purchase credit online at, while UCall customers can purchase credit from Digicel Tonga also has a mobile app where you can purchase credit.

How to Purchase Phone Plans in Tonga

Once you have credit, you can select and purchase the mobile plans that we compare in the guide above. To purchase mobile plans, you need to dial *120# for UCall and *123# for Digicel and go through the USSD instructions. Plans can also be purchased on the Digicel website and the Digicel mobile app.

How to Check Your Phone Plan Usage

How can you check how much data, texts and minutes you are using while in Tonga? The best and easiest way is to download the My Digicel app, which displays your usage and remaining balance very clearly. An alternative way to check your balance is to dial *120# for UCall and *123# for Digicel to bring up a USSD menu.

The Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers 📱 [2023]©

10 Tips for Using Your Phone in Tonga

Finally, here are some quick tips to make the most of your Tonga SIM card and, most importantly, save on precious data that is otherwise quite expensive.

  1. Your phone needs to be a GSM dual-band or tri-band phone and operate on a 900 Mhz frequency (1,800 Mhz for 4G)
  2. Bring a form of ID to purchase a SIM card
  3. If you’re going to go data-heavy and want a good connection, choose Digicel
  4. If want something affordable or are travelling off-the-beaten-track, choose UCall
  5. UCall (TCC) credit vouchers can be purchased from retail stores such as convenience stores, online at, at TCC stores and local ANZ ATMs.
  6. Digicel Tonga credit vouchers can be purchased on the Digicel website and on the mobile app, as well as with vouchers in retail stores
  7. Dial *120# to get the USSD screen for UCall phone plans
  8. Dial *123# to get the USSD screen for Digicel phone plans
  9. Switch off all auto-updates and restrict background data downloads to save on data
  10. Get a travel adapter for Tonga to charge your phone.

More About the Best SIM Card in Tonga for Travellers

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