How Long Can You Stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa?(c)
How Long Can You Stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa?

How Long Can You Stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa?


How Long Can You Stay in Tonga as a Visitor?

Once you discover the rich culture, the historical sites, the turquoise waters and the incredible marine life of Tonga, it can be oh-so-hard to leave! Visitors to Tonga have the opportunity to stay in the country for an entire month to make the most of the “Friendly Islands”. However, if one month is not enough, there’s the opportunity to extend your visa to stay for up to six months! Should you want to stay in Tonga for other purposes, whether it’s work or business, other visa options with longer lengths of stay are available. Find how long you can stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa in the guide below!

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In Short, You Can Stay in Tonga for…

  • Up to one month (31 days) from the date you arrive in Tonga,
  • Or, up to six months if you have a Visitor’s Visa extension.
How Long Can You Stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa?(c)

The One-Month Visitor’s Visa

Visitors to Tonga can stay in the country for up to one month (31 days) from the date of arrival, providing they meet the following conditions:

  • Have a departure travel ticket out of Tonga
  • Have a valid passport for no less than six months after their intended departure date
  • Sufficient funds to sustain their stay in Tonga
  • Are from a visa-waiver country or have acquired an Entry Permit

For a complete list of visa-waiver countries, see Do You Need a Visa to Visit Tonga? If you are not from a visa-waiver country, you will need to get a letter of authority allowing you to travel to Tonga, otherwise known as an Entry Permit. Advice on this can be obtained from a local Tongan embassy, as well as the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (+676 26 969).

How Long Can You Stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa?(c)

Extending Your Visitor’s Visa

If you wish to stay for longer than one month in Tonga as a visitor, then you will need to apply for a Visitor’s Visa Extension. A visa extension allows the holder to stay in Tonga for an additional five months, making it six months in total from the date they arrived in Tonga.

Where to Apply for a Visitor’s Visa Extension

Visitor Visa extensions can be applied for in Tonga while on the one-month Visitor’s Visa. You can extend your length of stay through the Immigration Division offices, in Nuku’alofa or Neiafu at the following addresses:

  • Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu: Immigration Department building on Salote Road, Nuku’alofa
  • Neiafu, Vava’u: Tonga Development Bank building first floor

You can also get in contact with the Immigration Division via:

  • +676 26 969

Alternatively, apply for an extended Visitor’s Visa from overseas through your local Toga consulate or consular sections at the Embassy/High Commission.

Note that there is a fee to extend your Visitor’s Visa, usually around TOP$130.

Conditions of the Extended Visitor’s Visa

  • Valid for up to six months from the date of entry
  • You hold a valid travel ticket to depart Tonga
  • You have sufficient funds to financially maintain your stay
  • You do not take up any employment, business and/or education while in Tonga.
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Other Visas to Stay in Tonga for Longer

Visitors already in Tonga cannot apply for another visa apart from the Visitor’s Visa Extension. To stay longer in Tonga, you will need to hold another type of visa, which must be applied for from overseas.

Six types of visas for Tonga are available:

  • Visitor’s Visa
  • Assured Income Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Residency Visa

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More About How Long You Can Stay in Tonga

That’s it for the guide to how long you can stay in Tonga on a Visitor Visa. Now head over to Do You Need a Visa to Visit Tonga? or get even more advice in our 31 Tips for Travelling in Tonga.


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