How to Get the Best Deals on Tours in Tonga(c)
How to Get the Best Deals on Tours in Tonga

How to Get the Best Deals on Tours in Tonga


Save Money on Tonga Tours and Activities

Anywhere we can save money on travel is a good thing, so when it comes to tours, how can we get a good deal? Well, with tours like whale swimming or fishing charters they’re expensive no matter what, but for some of the other experiences, like cultural shows, sightseeing tours and island day trips, we see different prices across different platforms, whether it’s an online booking website, a travel agent or directly with the tour operator. We go through a few simple ways to get the best deals on tours in Tonga in the guide below.

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Tips for Saving Money on Tours in Tonga

While we go into each way to save money on tours in the guide below, here is a quick overview on how to get a better deal on tours in Tonga…

  • Buy tours directly with tour operators
  • Book tours once you arrive in Tonga, rather than from overseas
  • Weigh up the benefits of tours on booking websites like Viator or Tripadvisor before paying a more expensive price
  • Choose accommodation with some good-value tours on offer.
How to Get the Best Deals on Tours in Tonga(c)

Buy Tours in Tonga, Not from Overseas

While it makes sense to book things like accommodation from overseas, offering peace of mind that you have somewhere to stay once you arrive, the same cannot be said for booking tours for Tonga from overseas. Overseas travel agencies and cruise liners are notorious for selling tours at a premium price to travellers who, well, don’t know any better until they arrive in Tonga by which time, it’s probably too late…

Travel agencies and cruises are in the business of making big commissions from travel products such as tours, which means that prices are often priced much higher in order for the seller to make a significant commission. If you absolutely have to book a tour before you arrive in Tonga, try to book the tour directly with the tour operator to ensure you’re at least getting retail price. Check out more pros and cons to each booking method in How to Book Tours in Tonga.

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Weigh Up the Benefits of Using Tour Booking Websites

Admittedly, many Tonga tour companies are only just starting to list themselves on tour booking websites, such as Viator and Tripadvisor. Not only is the choice of tours for Tonga on these websites limited, but prices tend to be marginally more expensive than if you were to book directly with the tour company.

On the flip side, while it is more expensive to book tours this way, being booked on a tour before you arrive in Tonga often gives peace of mind that the tour will go ahead – as trips often get cancelled if tours don’t meet the minimum requirement of passengers.

How to Get the Best Deals on Tours in Tonga(c)

See What Tours are Included in Your Accommodation

If staying in a more remote area of Tonga, i.e. anywhere outside of Tongatapu or Neiafu, then much of the time, the experiences on offer at your chosen accommodation is just about the only tours you’ll be able to choose from. For this reason, it’s a good idea to compare the price of tours offered by accommodations, not just the rooms.

Some accommodations and particularly resorts in Tonga often have some complimentary activities, such as kayak hire, snorkel hire, cultural activities and more. Be sure to compare these too when looking for good-value activities in Tonga.

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