10 Best Tonga Shore Excursions(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism
10 Best Tonga Shore Excursions

10 Best Tonga Shore Excursions

(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Port of Call Tours in Tonga

Tonga is the highlight of many remarkable cruises across the South Pacific – just see the 10 Cruises That Visit Tonga. As any savvy cruise-goer will know, booking your own shore excursions is a sure-fire way to save money on activities compared to booking shore excursions through your cruise liner. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick list of Tonga shore excursions to help you plan for your next South Pacific sailing.

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1. Small-Group Tongatapu Tour

Get away from the hustle and bustle and discover the island highlights of Tongatapu on a shore excursion with the Tonga Travel Troupe. Departing from Nuku’alofa’s port, this full-day tour takes you around all of the cultural, historical and natural highlights of Tonga’s main island. Your tour will be with up to eight passengers, ensuring an intimate experience as you discover the incredible water displays of the Mapu ‘a Vaea Blowholes, Tsunami Rock, Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon and more! You’ll even stop by a Tongan primary school and be treated to a Tongan lunch.

Check Tonga Travel Troupe’s Tongatapu Tour out:
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2. East Coast & ‘Anahulu Cave Tour

Join Teta Tours & Travel for a shore excursion to one of Tonga’s most mesmerising natural attractions, ‘Anahulu Caves! The half-day tour takes you to the stunning limestone caves with a cave pool to have a refreshing dip – so bring your swimwear! You’ll also visit some interesting historical sites, from the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui (also known as the Stonehenge of the South Pacific) to the ancient curial tomb of kings at Langi. Pick-up is right from the port.

Check Teta Tours’ East Coast Tour out:
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3. Pangaimotu Island Tour

Get that true South Seas experience with a shore excursion to Pangaimotu Island, just a 30-minute boat ride from port! The 6-hour shore excursion organised by Tonga Travel Troupe includes transfers to the boat out to Pangaimotu Island. There, you’ll have the whole day to enjoy the glorious beaches of the island, snorkel the Pangaimotu Reef national marine reserve, and admire the centrepiece of the shores, the famous Pangaimotu Shipwreck! Lunch at the island’s resort is also included in this port of call tour. See more island excursions in 7 Best Island Day Trips from Nuku’alofa.

Check Tonga Travel Troupe’s Pangaimotu Island Tour out:
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4. Tongatapu Island Tour

One of the most affordable shore excursions, this Tongatapu Island Tour with Tonga Holiday Villas provides a real locals experience. The flexible tour can last 3-6 hours, depending on what you want to see and what you want to do. Otherwise, let your local guide show you the attractions around Tonga’s main island, including the mesmerising ‘Anahulu Cave, the giant boulder of Tsunami Rock, the Royal Palace and the intriguing Three-Headed Coconut Tree! Traveller pick-up is offered and water and tropical fruits are provided throughout the tour.

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5. Fafa Island Shore Excursion

Another shore excursion in Tonga offering that idyllic island getaway, the Fafa Island Shore Excursion with Tonga Travel Troupe is well worth considering. Fafa Island is a mere 30-minute boat ride from Nuku’alofa where you’ll the whole day enjoying this island paradise. The island is home to Tongatapu’s most upmarket resort, where you’ll be treated to lunch and ice cream as part of the tour. Enjoy safe swimming around the shores with coral reefs and crystal clear waters. You’ll also have access to watersports equipment available at the resort.

Check Tonga Travel Troupe’s Fafa Island Shore Excursion out:
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6. ‘Anahulu Cave & Culture Tour

Combine visiting one Tonga’s most stunning natural attractions with engaging in a vibrant island culture in this ‘Anahulu Cave & Culture Tour with Teta Tours & Travel. The 3-hour tour takes you to the beautiful limestone cave of ‘Anahulu Cave, stopping by a few historical sites, before taking you to the Ancient Tonga cultural centre. There, you’ll enjoy a hands-on experience learning about tapa-cloth making, the many uses of coconut, how to prepare a traditional “umu” feast and much more.

Check Teta Tours & Travel’s ‘Anahulu Cave Tour out:
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7. Tongan Feast & Cultural Show

A unique cultural experience awaits at the Oholei Beach Resort’s Hina Cave cultural show, organised as a shore excursion with Teta Tours & Travel. See traditional Tongan dancing and singing at one of the most amazing stages, the Hina Cave. The experience also includes a Tongan buffet where you’ll get to sample a huge range of Tongan dishes.

Check Teta Tours & Travel’s Feast Tour out:
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8. Nuku’alofa City Tour

Discover the highlights of Tonga’s capital on a Nuku’alofa City Tour with Teta Tours & Travel. This walking tour of the city gets you orientated with Nuku’alofa, and takes you to some of the major attractions, from the Royal Tombs to the bustling Talamahu Market. The tour includes port pick-up and drop-off. With the tour only lasting one hour, it also gives you plenty of time to do some other amazing activities in Tonga throughout the day. See the 10 Must-Dos in Tongatapu for ideas.

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9. Private Mainland Tour

Get the VIP experience on a shore excursion with Tonga Travel Troupe. This 6-hour tour of Tongatapu is exclusively for you and your group, where you’ll get to choose where you want to spend time the longest and see any additional highlights along the way. Otherwise, your local guide will take you to all of the major attractions across the island of Tongatapu! Learn more about this tour and others in The Best Guided Tours of Tongatapu.

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10. Sunset Tour & Island Feast

Instead of spending the evening on the ship, head to Oholei Beach and Resort for its popular evening dinner show and feast! The shore excursion provided by Teta Tours & Travel transports you from port to Oholei Beach where you’ll stop at the scenic Captain Cook’s Landing Site with a vantage point across a tranquil lagoon. You’ll then have an evening of captivating cultural dancing and indulging in Tongan cuisine at the buffet!

Check Teta Tours & Travel’s Sunset Tour out:
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