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Ha’apai Transport Guide: 7 Ways to Get to (& Around) Ha’apai

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Everything You Need to Know About Transport in Ha’apai

The Ha’apai Group is a group of 62 islands scattering the centre of the Tonga archipelago. Mostly undeveloped, it’s an island paradise but has very limited infrastructure for “getting around”. Transport for tourists is almost entirely reliant on what the resorts and guesthouses provide. Otherwise, getting around is a process of winging it, asking at the Visitor Information Centre for the latest transport operators and car rentals (who change often). As for getting to Ha’apai, travellers have a choice of an effortless (but pricey) flight or an ocean adventure on a long ferry trip. Check out all of the details for transport in Ha’apai in this guide.

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1. Ha’apai by Plane – How to Get to Ha’apai

Ha’apai is connected to the rest of Tonga through Tongatapu’s Fua’amotu International Airport with Tonga’s local airline. Flights through the domestic terminal operate approximately two times a day except for on Sundays. Ha’apai has one main airport, Salote Pilolevu Airport, which is around 3 km (2 mi) north of the main town, Pangai on Lifuka Island. Flights last around 50 minutes and offer amazing views of the islands scattering the ocean along the way. Note, however, that Ha’apai is the island with most flight cancellations in Tonga often due to unsuitable weather conditions. Have a contingency plan.

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2. Ha’apai by Ferry – The Cheap Way to Get to Ha’apai

A cheaper alternative for getting between Tongatapu and Ha’apai, as well as between Vava’u and Ha’apai, is taking the ferry. Frequent cargo/passenger ships run between the island groups, stopping at the Ha’apai islands of Nomuka, Tungua, Matuku, Ha’afeva, Uiha and Taufa’ahau Wharf on Lifuka. The ferry crossing is a lengthy process of around 13-14 hours to get to Ha’apai from Tongatapu. Alternatively, it is around 7 to 10 hours from Vava’u. Note that Pangai is further north than the other Ha’apai islands so is quicker to reach from Vava’u. While there is a ferry schedule, ferries are known to run off it, so it’s best to call or visit the ticket office prior to departure and recheck the schedule the day before you travel.

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3. Accommodation Transfers – How to Get to Your Resort

All of Ha’apai’s resorts and almost all of the guesthouses offer a transfer service between Ha’apai’s Salote Pilolevu Airport and the accommodation, as well as between Taufa’ahau Wharf and their accommodation if they are not within walking distance. If the accommodation is on Lifuka or Foa then your transfer will be road transport costing around TOP$10-$55 per person one way, while resorts on the outer islands will include boat transfers which cost around TOP$50-$80 per person one way. This transport should be organised with your chosen accommodation provider prior to arrival. Check out the accommodation in Where to Stay in Ha’apai: The Best Accommodations.

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4. Bicycle Hire on Ha’apai – Free Way to Get Around Ha’apai

The islands of Lifuka and Foa are flat and easy to cycle around. Some resorts offer complimentary use of bicycles for guests. Note that not all bikes are in great condition, as they quickly deteriorate in the salty environment of Ha’apai. Brakes are sometimes on the peddles; not the handlebars.

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5. Car Rental on Ha’apai – How to Get Around Ha’apai

Aside from cycling, just about the only way to explore Ha’apai independently is to hire a car. Vehicle rental is available at around five different Chinese grocery stores in Pangai, Lifuka. Ask at the Visitor Information Centre in Pangai for the latest options for vehicle rental, as they change often. Otherwise, we have the largest car rental company on Ha’apai listed in The 10 Best Car Rentals in Tonga.

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6. Boat Charters – Interisland Travel in Ha’apai

To get to the closest islands to Lifuka and Foa, boat charters are available. Boats to the outer islands of Uoleva, Kao and Tofua tend to depart from the beach just south of the Pangai Police Station, while those wishing to catch a boat to Ha’ano can do so from the wharf in Faleloa village on Foa Island, typically in time with the school run. Boat charters and transfers can be arranged through the Visitor Information Centre in Pangai.

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7. Ha’apai by Yacht – How to Get to Ha’apai

With the exception of the cyclone season (November to April), Pangai on Lifuka is an official port of entry for Tonga. For the few that arrive in Ha’apai by private yacht, you will need to go through the entry customs at the Ports Authority if you haven’t done so already at another port of entry. Otherwise, you are required to do a domestic check-in.

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