How to Pick the Best Family-friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You(c) Jonathan Irish - Tonga Ministry of Tourism
How to Pick the Best Family-friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You

How to Pick the Best Family-Friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You

(c) Jonathan Irish – Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Advice on Choosing Family-Friendly Stays in Tonga

Family-friendly accommodation in Tonga comes in many forms, from convenient holiday homes to dreamy resorts. But there’s much to consider when choosing the right family accommodation, especially in terms of location, accommodation type and budget. We go through it all in this guide to choosing the right family accommodation in Tonga for you.

Quick Things You Need to Know About Staying in Family Accommodation in Tonga

  • Facilities at accommodations in Tonga can change with little notice, so it’s best to contact accommodations should there be any essential amenities that you need
  • Amenities like portacots are often available, so be sure to ask before bringing your own
  • Family rooms are limited, so be sure to book as far in advance as possible for stays in the high season (June to October)
  • Get some examples of family accommodation in the 10 Best Family-Friendly Accommodation in Tonga.
How to Pick the Best Family-friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You(c) Pixabay

What Types of Family Accommodation are Available in Tonga?

There’s accommodation in Tonga suitable for most families, whether it’s on a stunning island resort or in the privacy of a holiday home. Choosing the right type of accommodation ensures that you have space and facilities that your family needs, while also sticking to your budget.


For families looking for an island experience complete with entertainment, resorts are a good way to go. Many of the resorts in Tonga have family units/fales (bungalows), as well as entertainment for all, whether it’s the free use of kayaks, a swimming pool, beach or something else. There is typically a restaurant on-site or a set meal plan for more remote resorts. Check out some examples in the 10 Best Family Resorts in Tonga.

Apartments and Holiday Homes

Providing all of the conveniences of home, apartments and holiday homes are a popular choice for families. They provide access to self-catering facilities and a little more privacy than what you might get at a resort. Check out some examples in the 10 Best Holiday Homes in Tonga.

Hotels, Lodges and Guesthouses

The difference between the three accommodations are mostly in their price range, guest houses being the cheapest option while hotels tend to be the most expensive. Hotels, lodges and guesthouses are similar in that they offer private family rooms, typically a bed layout for a family of three or four in one room, often with an ensuite bathroom but sometimes with shared bathroom facilities for the cheapest guesthouses. There then may be communal facilities, such as a restaurant or kitchen, a swimming pool or gardens, a lounge or something else. Check out some examples in the following articles:

Compare the price range of all of the accommodations mentioned above in What is the Cost of Accommodation in Tonga?

How to Pick the Best Family-friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You(c)

Location, How to Get There and What is Nearby?

Once you know what sort of accommodation you’re looking for, you’re going to have to pick a destination in Tonga that strikes the right balance of satisfying your interests and your budget. There’s family accommodation in the four main destinations in Tonga, which are Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u. Compare the destinations in the following guides:

Another factor to consider is the cost of getting to these destinations. Tongatapu is the main arrival island in Tonga and the cheapest (and easiest) island to get to, ‘Eua has relatively low travel costs while getting to Ha’apai and Vava’u will certainly dig more into the family travel budget. Check out the following articles to compare the transport methods for getting to and around each island group:

Finally, when choosing family accommodation, be sure to check out what is nearby. If you are staying on one of the main islands, you might want to consider staying near restaurants, supermarkets and attractions to have access to facilities, services and entertainment you might need. Alternatively, if you’re staying at one of the island resorts, make sure you’re prepared to be away from these sort of services (so pack extra diapers!)

How to Pick the Best Family-friendly Accommodation in Tonga for You(c) Eunice Pongipongi

Family-Friendly Facilities

Anything to help a family holiday go smoother is a welcome addition. Make sure that you always compare the inclusions, facilities and services of Tonga’s accommodation to make sure they have everything you need.

Services and Facilities

Some, but not all, of Tonga’s family accommodation have the following services. If you need any of the following, be sure to inquire with the accommodations you have decided to compare:

  • Self-catering facilities
  • Portacot
  • Swimming pool
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Car parking
  • Hot water (usually solar-heated)
  • Fans and/or air conditioning
  • Insect screens on the windows or mosquito nets
  • Gardens
  • Car rental
  • Bike rental
  • Airport transfers
  • WiFi
  • Washing machine/laundry service
  • Breakfast
  • In-house tours and activities for guests.

More on How to Pick Family-Friendly Accommodation in Tonga

That’s it for how to pick family-friendly accommodation in Tonga. See more amazing stays in The Top 30 Resorts in Tonga. Plus, get even more trip-planning tips in The Travel Guide to Tonga for Families.


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