4WD Tours in Tonga Roads are kind of overrated in Tonga. If you want to get to the less-visited areas, see the ruggedly beautiful forest and cliffs of the islands and do it in a pretty exciting way, t
Things in Nuku’alofa You Can’t Miss! Welcome to Nuku’alofa, the “Abode of Love”, capital of the South Pacific’s only kingdom and the main centre of Tongatapu. Nuku’alofa is your introduc
Iconic Sightseeing Landmarks in Tonga Where are the famous places in Tonga? Where is the Tonga that you see in all of the photos? This list of the most iconic sights in Tonga goes over popular sightse
Where to Find Beaches in ‘Eua, Tonga You didn’t come all the way to the tropics to not spend time at the beach! Admittedly, ‘Eua isn’t as known as other destinations in Tonga for its beaches,
Scuba Diving in ‘Eua Tonga’s second-largest and oldest island is one of the top scuba diving locations in the kingdom. ‘Eua is a 40-million-year-old island that has formed dramatic cliffs, vast
The Complete Kayaking Guide to Tonga Gliding across turquoise waters, close encounters with spinner dolphins, turtles and glimpses of whale flukes in the distance, visiting uninhabited islands, stoppi
Sightseeing Tours in ‘Eua The forgotten island of ‘Eua is full of natural beauty. The landscape is rough and rugged where the only ways to experience its stunning natural attractions is by hiking
Island-Hopping Cruises in Vava’u Let’s be honest, most of the action in Vava’u is out on the water. If you’re not doing scuba diving, whale swimming or a fishing charter then at least head out
Where to Get Cheap Food in Nuku’alofa Indulge in a feast fit for the royal family for no more than TOP$20 when staying in Nuku’alofa. Tonga’s capital city is brimming with affordable cuisine, th
The Guide to the New Year in Tonga Tonga is the first country in the world to see the New Year due to its prime spot on the International Dateline. That reason alone is well worth celebrating New Year
Experience Adventure in Tonga Let’s be honest, Tonga isn’t a place to sip on cocktails and do nothing. It’s a place that awakens your adventurous spirit, whether it’s to swim with whales, scub