Where to Find Beaches on Tongatapu Sure, Tongatapu is not where you’ll find the best beaches in Tonga (you’ll need to go to Ha’apai for that), but the ones that you will discover are far from di
Where Can You Play Golf in Tonga? Tonga: the island nation of a unique Pacific culture, waters full of whales and beautiful islands. Unfortunately, Tonga is not exactly renowned for its golf, of which
What to Do on Sundays in Tonga You’ve probably heard how things slow down on a Sunday in Tonga. Sunday is a sacred day in Tonga, thus the reason why many businesses and transport are closed on this
Where to Find Beaches in ‘Eua, Tonga You didn’t come all the way to the tropics to not spend time at the beach! Admittedly, ‘Eua isn’t as known as other destinations in Tonga for its beaches,
The Best Places to Eat in Tonga Expect to be well-fed in Tonga! Food means everything to Tongans, who put on some of the grandest feasts in the South Pacific. Even the portion sizes are staggering, gi
Scuba Diving Companies in Tonga We admit when it comes to water experiences in Tonga, the humpback whales kind of take all of the limelight. One of the biggest mistakes visitors make when jetting off
Amazing Experiences in Tonga on the Water Tonga is an island nation around 750km2 (290mi sq) of land area across a whopping 700,000km2 (270,000sq mi) of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, Tonga is mo
Island-Hopping Cruises in Vava’u Let’s be honest, most of the action in Vava’u is out on the water. If you’re not doing scuba diving, whale swimming or a fishing charter then at least head out
Where to Get Cheap Food in Nuku’alofa Indulge in a feast fit for the royal family for no more than TOP$20 when staying in Nuku’alofa. Tonga’s capital city is brimming with affordable cuisine, th
Guided Snorkelling in Tonga Don’t settle for mediocre snorkelling from your resort’s beach. Get to the good stuff by jumping on one of the snorkelling tours in Tonga! Float over shallow coral reef
Stunning Natural Sights in Vava’u It’s the nature that entices many to the breathtaking 52 islands of Vava’u in Tonga. Not only are the commanding views from the islands’ various lookouts a re
Experience Adventure in Tonga Let’s be honest, Tonga isn’t a place to sip on cocktails and do nothing. It’s a place that awakens your adventurous spirit, whether it’s to swim with whales, scub
What Sports Can You Do in Tonga? Tonga might be featured on the world stage for rugby union and has provided athletes for the Olympics, but what sports can you get stuck into when in Tonga? There are
What to Look for When Choosing a Tonga Fishing Charter Just itching to reel in the big ones? Tonga’s waters will certainly scratch that itch with oceans harbouring some of the South Pacific’s most
Things in ‘Eua You Can’t Miss! Tonga’s oldest and second-largest island is rich in nature, wildlife, culture and history. It’s a place of intrigue for adventurous travellers who are willing to