Cultural Shows and Tongan Buffets on Tongatapu Tonga is a country with a rich and fascinating Polynesian culture. As an island nation that was never colonised, the locals are proud to claim themselves
The Things in Ha’apai You Can’t Miss! It’s not every day that you get to go to remote South Pacific islands, be surrounded by vibrant culture, and have the best conditions for water sports and w
Whale Watching Destinations in Tonga Tonga is made up of 170 islands split into five island groups, but where can you see whales? Well, luckily, just about anywhere if it’s the right season. Whales
Where are the Best Places to See Wildlife in Tonga? Wildlife lovers, don’t forget to pack your binoculars, mask and snorkel because Tonga has all sorts of wildlife to encounter. Most famously, the h
Fishing Trips on Tongatapu Up your fishing game in some of the most exciting fishing grounds in the South Pacific! Ok, we might be biased, but the fishing around Tongatapu is incredible due to massive
Scuba Diving Seasons in Tonga Unlike many places in the world, Tonga doesn’t have a “bad” time to scuba dive. The visibility is pretty darn good all year round, averaging around 30m (100ft) in b
Food Activities in Tonga Food might be one of life’s simple pleasures but it means much more than that in the Tongan culture. Tonga is a nation of grand feasts, traditional cooking methods such as i
How to Experience Tonga’s Wildlife Travel is not just about seeing different landscapes, immersing in the local culture, and, especially in Tonga’s case, soaking in the sun. It’s an opportunity
Swimming with Whales from Tongatapu If you’ve found this list of the best whale swim tours in Tongatapu, then chances are you need no introduction to how life-changing swimming with majestic humpbac
The Best Tongan Gifts for Friends and Family Looking for a really great gift from Tonga to show the people back home how much you care? Or perhaps you just want something for yourself to remember your
Tonga Food Guide for Travellers It’s hard to think of anywhere better to try island-style cooking than Tonga. Tongan cuisine is a memorable experience for travellers, whether it’s trying food slow
Snorkelling and Scuba Diving on Tongatapu After landing on Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu, you don’t have to travel far to be in the midst of mesmerising marine life. Tongatapu offers amazing dive
Hikes and Walks on ‘Eua Island ‘Eua is a hiker’s paradise. As the oldest island in Tonga, some 40 million years old, the landscapes here are incredible with volcanic lava flows, archways carved
Activities in Tonga You Can’t Miss Tonga is a little-known nation but the fact is that it has 170 islands, five island groups and hundreds of attractions and activities. So where do you begin to whi
Enjoy a Very Merry Tongan Christmas! It’s the same every year: struggling for ideas for presents to your loved ones or having time off work that you don’t know what to do with. How about doing som