What are the Drinks in Tonga? Sampling the local flavours is all part of experiencing the culture when travelling. In Tonga, you couldn’t have a more diverse array of drinks, from narcotic drinks th
The Tropical Fruit of Tonga A top foodie experience in the islands of Tonga is checking out the produce markets and roadside stalls. You’ll see an array of tropical fruit and vegetables, that not on
Tonga Surf Tips When looking for “alternative” places to surf, Tonga is definitely a nation of islands that stand on top. The little-known surf destination is scattered with reefs that create idyl
Natural Sights in Tongatapu Nature creates some of the most impressive places for sightseeing, which is certainly the case in the island group of Tongatapu. Not only are there stunning uninhabited isl
The Breathtaking Natural Sights on ‘Eua The island of ‘Eua is a world of its own. Tonga’s oldest island is incidentally home to Tonga’s oldest rainforest, now protected as the ‘Eua National
What Fish Species Can You Target in Tonga? Always wanted to reel in a ridiculous-sized fish or looking for the next pelagic species to target on a list of many? Tonga’s going to sort you out. The is
Bicycle Rental Locations in Tonga Exploring Tonga’s flat islands with the warm island breeze running through your hair is an amazing way to explore the islands. Bicycle hire is abundant in Tonga, wi
Things to Do on an Adult-Only Getaway to Tonga Looking to set the right tone for a peaceful romantic getaway or somehow you’ve managed to get away from your own kids for a week? Adventure and relaxa
What is Easter Like in Tonga? Public holidays are usually a time that gets us travellers all confused. What are the local celebrations? Are businesses still open? What is there to do? Easter is one of
Tongatapu Beaches You Can’t Miss! You can’t come to the tropics without feeling the sand between your toes. Although Tongatapu is not exactly home to the most perfect beaches out of Tonga’s 169
Why Get Married in Tonga? Although millions of people get married every year, how many do you know who have gotten married in Tonga? If you’re looking for an alternative South Pacific paradise to sa
Unique Swimming Spots in Tonga We don’t need to tell you about the amazing beaches to swim from in Tonga – there are plenty of those! However, if you’re looking for a unique swimming hole in Ton
Swimming with Whales in Ha’apai Each year between July and October, humpback whales take an amazing journey from the waters of Antarctica to the warm and safe waters of Ha’apai to mate and calve.
Churches in Nuku’alofa Sunday in Tonga is regarded as a day of rest. That’s why you will find no shops open, no flights scheduled and no activities operating. You will, however, find churches aliv
Is it Dangerous to Swim with Whales in Tonga? Swimming with humpback whales in the islands of Tonga is a dream for many, but is it safe? You’d be forgiven for thinking that swimming oversized mammal