How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism
How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga

How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga

(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Experience the True Culture of Tonga

Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and swaying coconut palms can be found in many places in the world, but only in Tonga can you experience the unique Tongan culture. While visiting the South Pacific’s only kingdom, it would almost be a crime to miss out on experiencing the fascinating Tongan culture. What’s more, it’s impossibly easy to find if you follow the tips below on how to have real cultural experiences in Tonga.

5 Cultural Activities to Experience in Tonga

  • Handicrafts – Amazing tapa paintings, woven goods, garlands and clothing are handmade in Tonga with great skill, making a visit to any handicraft market feels like stepping into a cultural art gallery
  • Lakalaka – Is a traditional song and dance in Tonga, which can be experienced during cultural evenings at resorts in Tongatapu
  • Umu – Is a traditional underground oven that can be experienced in various resorts around Tonga or you can even learn how to prepare one yourself at Ancient Tonga (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Kava – This drink is a slightly narcotic substance that is popular to drink as a local pastime. Some accommodations can organise for you to join local kava circles or host their own kava sessions
  • Church – Tonga is a devoutly Christian country that is best experienced through the harmonious singing experienced at a Sunday church service.
How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Stay with Locals through Homestays and Guest Houses

The first way you can immerse yourself in the Tongan culture is to stay with locals. The most common type of accommodation where you can stay with locals is through guesthouses. Not all, but most of Tonga’s guest houses are run by locals, providing a more authentic and cheaper way to stay in Tonga.

Guesthouses in Tonga

Guesthouses can be found in Tonga’s main towns, such as Nuku’alofa, Neiafu and Pangai. They are typically large former family homes with multiple guest rooms and either ensuite bathrooms or shared bathroom facilities. You can learn more about the facilities of these accommodations in How to Pick the Best Guest House in Tonga for You.

Many guesthouse owners are happy to share their culture with guests, whether it’s through cooking, organising kava circles or even through casual conversation.

Check out some of the top guest houses in the 10 Best Guest Houses in Tonga.

Homestays in Tonga

Homestays in Tonga are limited, but there are a few available on Airbnb in Nuku’alofa. These are either set up exactly like a guest house with communal areas and separate guest rooms or, in rare cases, accommodation in Tongan family homes. Check out some examples in 5 Best Homestays in Nuku’alofa.

How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga(c)

Get Out into the Local Community

Experiencing the Tongan culture is as easy as getting out there and exploring! Go to markets, roadside stalls, churches and local eateries to experience a real slice of life in Tonga.

Tongan Markets and Stalls

Tonga’s largest towns, including Nuku’alofa, Neiafu and Pangai, have local markets where you can see the talent of local craftspeople, purchase fresh produce grown on the islands, and mingle with the locals. Pick up a bunch of the sweetest bananas from a roadside stall as you travel around Tongatapu or even watch people in action weaving or making tapa cloths at the Talamahu Market in Nuku’alofa.

Sunday Church Services

Christianity is part of the Tongan culture, which you can easily experience by going to a local church service. Visitors are welcome to join in on the worship of local church services on a Sunday, as long as you wear appropriate attire, as recommended in Tonga Etiquette: Respecting the Local Customs. Whether you’re religious or not, you can still appreciate the beautiful harmonies of the local people.

Go Out for Dinner

Admittedly, most restaurants in Tonga offer more international cuisine than local foods, but you can still try authentic Tongan dishes if you know where to go. We list some restaurants where you can try Tongan cuisine in the Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Tonga and the Top Cheap Eats in Tonga.

How to Have Real Cultural Experiences in Tonga(c)

Take Part in Cultural Activities

Finally, to immerse yourself a little deeper into the Tongan culture, you can take part in cultural activities. From watching traditional singing and dancing in a cultural show to doing a handicrafts lesson with local villagers, there are a few fun and interactive ways to experience the culture of Tonga.

Cultural Shows

Particularly in Tongatapu, resorts host cultural shows and Tongan feasts at least a couple of days a week to share with guests the art of “lakalaka”, which is Tongan traditional singing and dancing. The evening usually ends with a Tongan feast where you can try a wide variety of Tongan dishes. Check out some of the top cultural shows in The Best Cultural Shows on Tongatapu.

Do a Guided Sightseeing Tour with a Local

Join a local tour to see the highlights of the island you’re visiting while enjoying a richer experience than if you were to visit the sights on your own. Local guides share cultural and historical insights as you go from attraction to attraction, with even some tours offering visits to local schools. Check out the 10 Best Sightseeing Tours in Tonga for examples.

Do a Handicrafts Class

Handicrafts have been an important way of life for Tongans for centuries, where traditional methods are passed on through generations. You can learn how to do handicrafts yourself by taking part in tapa-making or weaving classes offered by tour operators, guest houses and even villagers in some communities. Learn more in Where to Learn Tongan Handicrafts.

More About Cultural Experiences in Tonga

That’s it for the best cultural experiences in Tonga. Inspire yourself with more experiences with the 101 Best Things to Do in Tonga: The Ultimate List. Plus, get even more tips in The Complete Travel Guide to Tonga.


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