Information, Shops & Services in Ha'apai(c)
Information, Shops & Services in Ha'apai

Information, Shops & Services in Ha’apai


What Services are Available in Ha’apai?

The beauty of Ha’apai is that it’s one of the least-developed island groups in Tonga. While this keeps the islands looking like paradise, it also means that information, shops and services in Ha’apai are limited. It’s best to come to these islands prepared. Nevertheless, we’ve put together this guide of the essential shops and services in Ha’apai so that you know what you are in for.

Although there are 62 islands in Ha’apai, most visitors only stay on the islands of Lifuka, Foa and Uoleva. Therefore, our information on shops and services suggestions will be limited to these islands.

Useful Services for Tourists

  • Ministry of Tourism’s Visitor Information Centre – Holopeka Road, Pangai
  • Digicel and TCC (phone networks) – Main Road, Pangai
  • Mariner’s Cafe – Fau Road, Pangai
  • Pangai Market – Waterfront and Palace Roads, Pangai
  • Salote Pilolevu Lifuka Island Ha’apai AirportKoulo, Lifuka
  • Taufa’ahau Wharf – Waterfront, Pangai
Information, Shops & Services in Ha'apai(c)

Food and Groceries

Grocery supplies are quite limited in Ha’apai, but you can get the essentials in the town of Pangai, which is the main town of the islands, located in Lifuka.

There are a few small Chinese grocery stores in Pangai where you’ll be able to purchase a range of tinned, frozen and dried foods. For fresh fruit and vegetables, go to the Pangai Market on the corner of Waterfront and Palace Road. There is also the Matuku-ae-tau Bakery found on the corner of Loto Kolo and Tuita Roads.

Those on Uolevu will not have access to groceries, so must bring their own supplies and/or make use of their chosen accommodation’s meal plans.

For more advice on buying food, check out The Guide to Food Shopping in Tonga.

Information, Shops & Services in Ha'apai(c)

Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

It’s recommended that you bring any medication or health products that you might need to Ha’apai with you, as supplies are limited. Check out What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Tonga for suggestions.

You can get essential toiletries and health products, such as baby products, feminine hygiene, light medication (such as painkillers), basic first aid items and more from Pangai’s small supermarkets.

Ha’apai also has a hospital with a pharmacy, the Niu’ui Hospital, located in the southwestern end of Pangai on the waterfront.

For advice on staying healthy while travelling Tonga, see How to Keep Safe in Tonga and the 10 Health Tips for Tonga.

Information, Shops & Services in Ha'apai(c)

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

With no car rental companies in Ha’apai, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to get fuel in Ha’apai. As for banks and communication services, such as a post office and phone stores, you might find these a little more useful.

There is a post office for Tonga Post on the corner of Waterfront and Palace Roads in Pangai. You can have mail sent here too if needed.

Tonga’s phone network, Digicel and TCC also have a presence in Pangai. Both stores can be found on Main Road. Learn more about these networks in The Best SIM Card in Tonga For Travellers.

Banks in Ha’apai can be found in Pangai, which include a Tonga Development Bank and a BSP Bank ATM.


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