The Driving Times in Tonga You Need to Know(c)
The Driving Times in Tonga You Need to Know

The Driving Times in Tonga You Need to Know


What are the Tonga Driving Times?

A self-drive holiday is an amazing way to experience some of Tonga’s largest islands, Tongatapu and Vava’u. Checking out the amazing natural attractions, experiencing the culture in Tongan villages, beach-hopping or simply getting to/from the airport is all part of the Tonga road trip experience. Luckily, Tonga’s an island nation where you won’t find yourself stuck in a car for too long. You’ll get the picture once you check out this list of driving times in Tonga!

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3 Things You Need to Know About Driving Times in Tonga

We always recommend planning a little extra time on top of the estimated driving times in Tonga, for the following reasons:

  • The maximum driving speed in Tonga is 70km/h (45mph), so distances cannot be achieved as quickly as in countries where the top speed limit is higher
  • Many Tongans drive slowly
  • If you ask a local how long it takes to drive somewhere, take it with a pinch of salt. Everyone is on island time here.

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The Driving Times in Tonga You Need to Know(c)

Driving Times in Tongatapu

Tongatapu is Tonga’s “mainland”, home to the capital city and featuring an array of land attractions. With a relatively extensive road network, the island is easy to drive around to get between various villages, attractions and the airport.

Nuku’alofa Town Centre to:

Fua’amotu Airport – 20km / 12m / 30min
Faua Wharf– 3km / 1.8m / 7min
Kanokupolu – 20km / 12m / 30min
Mu’a – 19km / 12m / 30min
Niutoua – 31km / 19m / 45min
Fatumu – 21km / 13m / 35min

Highlights of Nuku’alofa: Capital of Tonga, royal sights, restaurants, hotels and guest houses. Find out more in The Complete Guide to Nuku’alofa.

Fua’amotu Airport to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 20km / 12m / 30min
Faua Wharf– 24km / 15m / 40min
Kanokupolu – 35km / 22m / 45min
Mu’a – 8.7km / 6m / 15min
Niutoua – 20km / 12m / 30min
Fatumu – 9km / 6m / 13min

Highlights of Fua’amotu Airport: Close to Tupou College Toloa and Fua’amotu Beach.

Faua Wharf to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 3km / 1.8m / 7min
Fua’amotu Airport
– 24km / 15m / 40min
Kanokupolu – 23km / 14m / 40min
Mu’a – 22km / 14m / 31min
Niutoua – 34km / 21m / 50min
Fatumu – 24km / 15m / 40min

Highlights of Faua Wharf: Faua Wharf is where the inter-island ferries arrive/depart, as well as many water-based tours, restaurants and bars can be found here.

Kanokupolu to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 20km / 12m / 30min
Fua’amotu Airport – 35km / 22m / 45min
Faua Wharf– 23km / 14m / 40min
Mu’a – 35km / 22m / 50min
Niutoua – 12km / 28m / 20min
Fatumu – 35km / 22m / 50min

Highlights of Kanokupolu: Beach resorts, the flying foxes of Kolovai and the Abel Tasman Landing site are located near here.

Mua’a to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 19km / 12m / 30min
Fua’amotu Airport – 8.7km / 6m / 15min
Faua Wharf– 22km / 14m / 31min
Kanokuplou – 35km / 22m / 50min
Niutoua – 45km / 28m / 1 hour
Fatumu – 5.5km / 3.4m / 10min

Highlights of Mua’a: Home to the fishing pigs and various royal tombs.

Niutoua to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 31km / 19m / 45min
Fua’amotu Airport – 20km / 12m / 30min
Faua Wharf– 34km / 21m / 50min
Kanokuplou – 35km / 22m / 50min
Mu’a – 45km / 28m / 1 hour
Fatumu – 11km / 7m / 25min

Highlights of Niutoua: The Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon is near this eastern side village.

Fatumu to:

Nuku’alofa Town Centre – 21km / 13m / 35min
Fua’amotu Airport – 9km / 6m / 13min
Faua Wharf– 24km / 15m / 40min
Kanokuplou – 35km / 22m / 50min
Mu’a – 35km / 22m / 50min
Niutoua – 11km / 7m / 25min

Highlights of Fatumu: Nearby is ‘Anahulu Cave and ‘Oholei Beach Resort & Hina Cave.

The Driving Times in Tonga You Need to Know(c)

Driving Times in Vava’u

Vava’u Island is the largest island in the Vava’u group of islands, Tonga’s second-most northern group. The island is also connected to a number of islands by causeways. Roads to the destinations mentioned below are sealed roads. Learn more about Vava’u in The Complete Guide to Vava’u.

Neiafu to:

Lupepau’u Airport – 10km / 6m / 15min
Mt Talau – 2km / 1.3m / 6min
Toula Village – 4km / 2.3m / 8min
‘Utungake Island – 10km / 6m / 17min
Talihau – 12km / 7m / 22min
‘Ene’io – 12.5km / 8m / 19min

Highlights of Neiafu: Neiafu is the main town of Vava’u. Inter-island ferries arrive/depart at the main wharf. Guesthouses, hotels, water-based activities and restaurants are also based here.

Lupepau’u Airport to:

Neiafu – 9km / 6m / 15min
Mt Talau – 11.5km / 7m / 21min
Toula Village – 12.5km / 8m / 20min
‘Utungake Island – 20km / 12m / 32min
Talihau – 21km / 12m / 34min
‘Ene’io – 13km / 8m / 20min

Highlights of Lupepau’u Airport: Domestic and international arrivals/departures. Nearby are the island’s main lookouts.

Mt Talau to:

Neiafu – 2km / 1.3m / 6min
Lupepau’u Airport – 11.5km / 7m / 21min
Toula Village – 5km / 3m / 12min
‘Utungake Island – 12km / 7.6m / 23min
Talihau – 13km / 8m / 26min
‘Ene’io – 14km / 9m / 24min

Highlights of Mt Talau: Mt Talau National Park and lookout from the mountain.

Toula Village to:

Neiafu – 4km / 2.3m / 8min
Lupepau’u Airport – 12.5km / 8m / 20min
Mt Talau – 5km / 3.2m / 12min
‘Utungake Island – 7km / 4m / 13min
Talihau – 8km / 5m / 15min
‘Ene’io – 15.5km / 10m / 25min

Highlights of Toula Village: Hepi pizza, Veimumuni Caves and a few accommodations are nearby.

‘Utungake Island to:

Neiafu – 30km / 6m / 17min
Lupepau’u Airport – 20km / 12m / 32min
Mt Talau – 12km / 7.6m / 23min
Toula Village – 7km / 4m / 13min
Talihau – 1km / 0.6m / 2min
‘Ene’io – 23km / 14m / 35min

Highlights of ‘Utungake Island: Base of the Tongan Beach Resort and nearby Mystic Sands.

Talihau to:

Neiafu – 12km / 7m / 22min
Lupepau’u Airport – 20.5km / 12m / 34min
Mt Talau – 13km / 8m / 26min
Toula Village – 8km / 5m / 15min
‘Utungake Island – 1km / 0.6m / 2min
‘Ene’io – 24km / 15m / 37min

Highlights of Talihau: Lucky’s Beach Houses is nearby

‘Ene’io to:

Neiafu – 12.5km / 8m / 19min
Lupepau’u Airport – 13km / 8m / 20min
Mt Talau – 14km / 9m / 25min
Toula Village – 15.5km / 10m / 25min
‘Utungake Island – 23km / 14m / 35min
Talihau – 24km / 15m / 37min

Highlights of ‘Ene’io: Home of the ‘Ene’io Botanical Gardens, beach and restaurant

More About Driving Times in Tonga

That’s it for the driving times in Tonga. Be sure to bookmark our Tonga Transport Guide: 10 Ways to Get Around Tonga for even more transport tips.


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