What is the Weather Like in Tonga in July? What does winter look like in Tonga? Well, think balmy days of around 26°C / 79°F, slightly cooler evenings and sunshine most of the time. No wonder July i
Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga 170 islands scatter the South Pacific Ocean, harbouring majestic caves, thousands of years of history, kings and queens, crystal clear waters and safe refuge for humpba
What is the Weather Like in Tonga in August? Tonga is a popular place to be in August. Not only are humpback whales drawn to the warm and sheltered waters to calf and raise their young, but in turn, g
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What is the Weather Like in Tonga in September? September is a great time to be in the islands of Tonga. It’s one of the months with the least amount of rain, accompanied by balmy temperatures, all
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