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Cheap Accommodation in Ha’apai Budget accommodation in Ha’apai means authentic accommodation in Ha’apai. Get ready to stay in traditional-style fales (beach huts) often with basic amenities –
Is it Necessary to Purchase a Meal Plan in Tonga? Resorts all over the world offer meal plans to guests, many making you feel tied into eating exclusively at the resort only to realise there are other
Ha’apai Guesthouses: Stay with the Locals! Travellers on a budget can breathe easy knowing that despite the Ha’apai islands looking like a five-star destination, there are, in fact, very affordabl
Advice on Choosing a Homestay in Tonga The intrepid traveller seeking an authentic experience in Tonga should definitely try a Tongan homestay! Stay with a local family to fully immerse in the Tongan
Cheap Accommodation in Vava’u Vava’u might be home to pricey whale swimming, scuba diving, sailing fishing, but man, you can make up for it with the cheap accommodation available! From homely gues