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Guesthouses & B&Bs in Vava’u Travelling on a budget or want to get a more “locals” experience? The guesthouses in Vava’u are a great way to experience the islands while keeping the cos
Guesthouse Accommodation in Tonga Keep the costs low, stay with the locals and become part of the family at one of the guesthouses in Tonga. Guesthouses are your most affordable option for staying in
Cheap Accommodation in Nuku’alofa You can hardly go wrong with the cheap and cheerful accommodations available in the capital of Tonga. Nuku’alofa hosts a range of backpacker accommodations, guest
Stay with Locals in Nuku’alofa An affordable and social experience, homestays are a great way to stay in Tonga’s capital city, Nuku’alofa. While Nuku’alofa is the capital, it has much more of
Advice on Choosing a Guesthouse in Tonga Travelling to a new country, even if you’re an experienced traveller, means figuring out the new styles of accommodations. Guesthouses are one of the most co
Tongatapu Homestays in Tonga Want to get a real local’s experience in Tonga? Try homestays on the island of Tongatapu! On the arrival island into Tonga, many of the homestays can be found in and aro
Advice on Choosing Backpacker Accommodation in Tonga Only the most intrepid of backpackers make it to the islands of Tonga, the South Pacific’s only kingdom and a place for adventure, culture and na
Backpackers in Nuku’alofa, Tonga For travellers on the cheap, Nuku’alofa is an exciting city to explore! Not only is it full of free/cheap activities – see 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Nu
Budget Stays in Tonga The South Pacific has a bit of a reputation for being expensive but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way in Tonga. The islands have their fair share of budget guest houses,
Cheap Accommodation on Tongatapu Save money on accommodation in Tonga, so you can afford the more important stuff, like swimming with whales, scuba diving in caves or hopping on exciting fishing chart
Advice on Choosing Budget Accommodation in Tonga Cruising the South Pacific Islands isn’t just a holiday reserved for the wealthy. You can essentially backpack around Tonga by staying in local guest
Where to Find Backpackers on Tongatapu Looking for affordable dorms on Tonga’s main island? You’ve come to the right place with this list of the best backpacker hostels on Tongatapu! While you won
How to Camp in Tonga Zipping open your tent on a pristine beach and popping your toes in the sand is what most of us imagine when camping in Tonga. But can you actually camp in Tonga? While you might
Cheap Accommodation in ‘Eua Spoiler alert: all of the accommodation in ‘Eua is cheap! That’s why this listicle of the best budget accommodation is almost entirely the same as our 6 Best Accommod
Cheap Resorts in Tonga A stunning island stay isn’t reserved for the wealthy. Those with a sense of adventure will find a pretty magical place to stay in Tonga even on a budget. Sure, Tonga’s budg