The Passenger Departure Card for Tonga(c)
The Passenger Departure Card for Tonga

The Passenger Departure Card for Tonga


What is the Tonga Passenger Departure Card?

After a getaway to Tonga, there’s one last formality you need to go through for the good people at Tongan Customs: completing the Tonga Passenger Departure Card. This is a narrow double-sided card, much like the Passenger Arrival Card. You need to complete it before passing through airport security to board your flight. In this quick guide, we go over the Passengers Departure Card for Tonga, what it looks like, and a few tips for completing it.

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Tips for Completing the Tonga Passenger Departure Card

  • Passenger Departure Cards are available at stations in the flight check-in area of Fua’amotu International Airport
  • Pack a blue or black ink pen that is easily accessible in your carry-on luggage to for fast completion of the departure card. While pens are available at stations in the flight check-in area, they are often crowded
  • Departure cards must be completed for every individual passenger leaving Tonga, including children and infants
  • If you are unsure of an answer, tick “Yes”, and you can explain yourself to a Customs Officer. That way, you avoid false declaration which can result in fines
  • Visitors to Tonga, i.e. if you usually reside overseas and have come to Tonga to holiday/travel/visit friends or family, need to complete Section 1, Section 2 and Section 4 of the departure card
  • When the question asks: “Are you carrying any prohibited or restricted goods?” it refers to articles of Tongan culture (see the section below), raw coral and TOP$10,000 in cash of the equivalent.
  • Hand the Tonga Departure Card to the Customs Officer before moving through airport security.
The Passenger Departure Card for Tonga(c)

The Tonga Departure Card – Front of Form

The front of the Tonga Passenger Departure Card outlines how to complete the departure card. Section 1 of the card must be completed by every passenger. It asks for your flight number/name of ship, passport number, nationality, name, date of birth, gender, occupation, your destination, marital status and date of departure.

Declaring Prohibited or Restricted Goods

Section 1 also asks questions concerning Customs, such as “Are you carrying TOP$10,000 or more?” and “Are you carrying any prohibited or restricted good?” Prohibited or restricted good refers to the following:

  • Articles of Tongan culture, including Tao, Tao-Fotoi (barbed spear), Mataa (club), Likuvalu (club), Tao Niu (spear of coconut), Kolo (throwing club), Kaufana (bow), Ngauhau (arrow), Ualulu (club), Tau uluilulu (spear with owl’s head), Tuipapanu (club), Mo`ungalaulau (club), Makata (club), Tuitapavalu (club), Malumulekeleka (throwing club), Tui (club), Tutanga’akau (club), Soki (spikes in ground), Totoko (club), Povai (club), Falevatu (axe), Vulaono (axe), Tao Ngututokotoko (bayonet), Paletau (shield), Meleihe (short stick), Fala Vala and Fala Fatu
  • Raw coral
  • The amount of TOP$10,000 or more in cash (or the foreign equivalent) without permission of the Governor of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga
  • Any other goods where the exportation of which is prohibited or restricted under any other law in force in Tonga.

For information on restricted imports, see What to Declare When Arriving in Tonga.

The Passenger Departure Card for Tonga(c)

The Tonga Departure Card – Back of Form

Passengers who do not normally reside in Tonga must complete Section 2 of the Tonga Passenger Departure Card. The section will ask for the full contact and residential address of where you were staying while in Tonga (you can just name the hotel/accommodation you stayed in). It will also ask for your country of residence, length of time spent in Tonga, the main reason for visiting Tonga, and approximately how much money, in Tongan Pa’anga, did you spend while in Tonga.

Visitors to Tonga can skip Section 3 and just sign Section 4.

Then you can catch your flight out of Tonga. See which airlines have direct flights from Tonga here.

More About the Passenger Departure Card for Tonga

That’s it for the guide to the passenger departure card for card. Now head over to Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Tonga or get even more advice in our 31 Tips for Travelling in Tonga.


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