Tongatapu Homestays in Tonga Want to get a real local’s experience in Tonga? Try homestays on the island of Tongatapu! On the arrival island into Tonga, many of the homestays can be found in and aro
How to Stay on a Boat in Tonga Travellers who think outside of the box realise that Tonga is about its surrounding ocean as much as it’s about the islands. In fact, you can even stay on the water in
Accommodation for Adults Only on Tongatapu We get it, not everyone wants to share their “Tonga time” with screaming children. The adult-only holiday is becoming more and more popular in the South
Adult-Only Stays in Tonga If your idea of an island getaway doesn’t include the sound of misbehaving children attached to it, then you’re in luck. Not only is Tonga a less-visited destination wher
Luxurious Stays in Ha’apai Luxury needs to be seen as being in a breathtaking destination and experiencing the island life, rather than retrofitting a five-star resort in a place where it doesn’t
Advice on Choosing a Guesthouse in Tonga Travelling to a new country, even if you’re an experienced traveller, means figuring out the new styles of accommodations. Guesthouses are one of the most co
Romantic Accommodation on Tongatapu If you find romance in beautiful beach landscapes, glistening waters and being far away from pretty much anywhere, then you’ll love the romantic accommodation on
Romantic Places to Stay in Ha’apai Ha’apai is a romantic destination in itself with gorgeous islands lined with sandy beaches and waters decorated with coral. Nevertheless, if you want to amp the
Backpackers in Nuku’alofa, Tonga For travellers on the cheap, Nuku’alofa is an exciting city to explore! Not only is it full of free/cheap activities – see 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Nu
Resorts with Restaurants and Self-Catering Accommodation in Tongatapu How we prefer to experience food while we’re away is different for every foodie. While some of us like to spruce up our own meal
Cheap Resorts in Tonga A stunning island stay isn’t reserved for the wealthy. Those with a sense of adventure will find a pretty magical place to stay in Tonga even on a budget. Sure, Tonga’s budg
Resorts with Restaurants and Self-catering Accommodation in Ha’apai For the foodie, Ha’apai has very limited resorts with restaurants. Most resorts offering communal meals in their dining room. Ne
Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Nuku’alofa Tonga might not be known for being a five-star luxury holiday destination, but it makes up for it with its five-star friendliness. Enjoy the warm hospitality o
Advice on Choosing a Boat Stay/Charter in Tonga Tonga is about exploring the ocean just as much as it is about exploring the islands, where a boat stay gives travellers a unique chance to make the oce