The Bike Tours in Tonga(c) Pixabay
The Bike Tours in Tonga

The Bike Tours in Tonga

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Can You Do Bike Tours in Tonga?

Tonga might be considered an adventure hub of the South Pacific Islands, but bike tours are only starting to get popular. Currently, there are only a couple of guided tours, with mountain biking as an option in Vava’u and more leisurely biking tours in Tongatapu. Nevertheless, if there isn’t a guided bike tour in Tonga to suit, we’ve put together some route descriptions should you want to tackle a self-guided bike tour of the Kingdom.

Tips for Bike Tours in Tonga

  • Bike tours are only available in Vava’u and Tongatapu
  • A bike, helmet, bottled water and a guide are usually included in the tour. You typically need to bring your own lunch
  • You’ll be riding through villages, so wear long-cut shorts and a T-shirt for cultural sensitivity
  • We also have cycle route descriptions for Tonga should you want to do a self-guided bike tour
  • For long bike rides without a guide, be sure to take your own puncture repair kit.

For more biking tips, take a look at 10 Tips for Cycling in Tonga.

The Bike Tours in Tonga(c)

Guided Bike Tours in Tonga

Guided bike tours in Tonga are very limited but there are one or two worth seeking out if it’s your preferred method of exploration.

Guided Bike Tours in Vava’u

With a variety of gradients and a mix of sealed and dirt roads, Vava’u is one of the best destinations for mountain biking – just check out Can You Do Mountain Biking in Tonga? for more details. The Friendly Islands Kayak Company offer 6-hour mountain biking tours of the island with a naturalist guide. Mountain bikes, helmets and a bottle of water are included for this day ride to the northern lookouts and beaches of ‘Utu Vava’u. Ride through remote villages, tropical plantations and forests on your way to stunning island lookouts. You’ll also get time to enjoy some swimming on a secluded beach, and if time permits, visit the Veimumuni Cave.

Guided Bike Tours in Tongatapu

While there are several options for bike hire on Tongatapu, Tonga’s main island, there is only one guest house offering bike tours as one of their activities. Tonga Holiday Villa in Nuku’alofa offers bike tours of Tongatapu, as well as freedom bike hire. They also have island driving tours (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) and scooter rentals (on Viator and Tripadvisor).

The Bike Tours in Tonga(c)

Self-Guided Bike Tours in Tonga

Your only other option for bike tours in Tonga is to go it alone on a self-guided tour! Luckily, we’ve put together a route description of some of our favourites rides in the Kingdom in The Best Bike Trails in Tonga. Here’s a quick overview of each.

Nuku’alofa to Ha’amonga ‘a Maui

Length: 35km (21.7 miles) one-way
Island: Tongatapu
Where: Centre of Nuku’alofa to Niuatoua, a village on the eastern side of Tongatapu

Follow Taufa’ahau Road to highlights including the Royal Tombs, Royal Residences, Fishing Pigs, Mu’a Langi Tombs, Paepae ‘o Telea’a Royal Terrace Tombs, Captain Cook Landing Place and Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon. See the complete route description in The Best Cycling Routes in Tongatapu.

Tufuvai Beach to the Rock Gardens

Length: 14km (8.7 miles) one-way
Island: ‘Eua
Where: Tufuvai Beach to the Rock Garden Cliffs where attractions such as the Laku Fa’anga Cliffs and Li’angahuo ‘a Maui bridge are located.

Start from where The Hideaway resort is based, which offers bike hire. Ride on the main road of the island south to Ha’aluma Beach, Rock Gardens, Laku Fa’anga Cliffs and Li’angahuo ‘a Maui natural landbridge. Read the complete route description in The Best Bike Trails in Tonga.

Pangai to Homale’eia Beach

Length: 14km (9 miles) one-way
Island: Lifuka and Foa (Ha’apai)
Where: Pangai, the main town of Lifuka, to Homale’eia Beach at the northern tip of Foa Island

Starting in the main town of Ha’apai, Pangai, where bike hire is available at the Mariner’s Cafe and guest houses, follow the main road north to highlights such as the Shirley Baker Monument, Salote Pilolevu Airport runway, Port au Prince Monument Beach, Homale’eia Beach and Matafonua Lodge. Get the complete route description in The Best Bike Trails in Tonga.

Neiafu to ‘Utula’aina Lookout

Length: 10km (6.2 miles) one-way
Island: ‘Utu Vava’u
Where: Start from Neiafu riding north to the ‘Utula’aina Lookout

Follow Tui Road north out of Neiafu, passing through remote villages heading to Holonga. From there, follow signs to the stunning ‘Utula’aina Lookout and ‘Esi ‘o Salote Beach. Get the complete route description in The Best Bike Trails in Tonga.

The Bike Tours in Tonga(c) Pixabay

Where to Hire Bikes in Tonga

For a self-guided bike tour in Tonga, you’re going to need to rent a bike. The following are accommodations and rental outlets that hire out bikes. For a full list, see Where to Rent Bicycles in Tonga.


TongaBike, Kingdom Travel Centre, NOA Guesthouse, Liku’alofa Beach Resort, Tonga Holiday Villa and Heilala Holiday Lodge.


Taina’s Place and The Hideaway.


Matafonua Lodge, Sandy Beach Resort, Ha’apai Beach Resort, Billy’s Resort, Lindsay Guesthouse, Evaloni Guesthouse, Tiulipe Guest House and Mariner’s Cafe.


Hakula Lodge and Friendly Islands Kayak Company.

Learn more about each bike rental company in Where to Rent Bicycles in Tonga.


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