The Best Roads to Ride a Scooter in Tonga(c)
The Best Roads to Ride a Scooter in Tonga

The Best Roads to Ride a Scooter in Tonga


Scooter Road Trips in Tonga

Tonga and particularly the island of Tongatapu is a scooter-friendly island to explore. Pick up a scooter rental from the capital, Nuku’alofa, and hit the road to discover intriguing historical sites, beautiful limestone caves, epic blowholes, dramatic cliff lookouts, wildlife and countless beaches. In this guide to the best roads to ride a scooter in Tonga, we list three of the best roads to ride a scooter thanks to their smooth sealed and flat roads with plenty of attractions to see along the way.

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Scooter Rentals in Tongatapu

Where will you find a scooter to rent in Tonga? The following vehicle rental companies and guest houses offer scooter rentals in Nuku’alofa.

M&N Scooter Rental – This scooter rental company is based at the Tonga Holiday Villa, Nuku’alofa. They offer Forza Ciclone Scooters 49cc. Find out more on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Island Cars & Scooter Rental – Vehicle rental company based in Fangaloto, Popua, Nuku’alofa. They offer 125cc scooters.

NOA Guest House – The budget accommodation in Nuku’alofa offers a number of services including scooter hire.

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Taufa’ahau Road

Length: 35km/22 miles
Where: Nuku’alofa to Niutoua
Highlights: Nuku’alofa, Royal Tombs, Royal Residences, Fishing Pigs, Mu’a Langi Tombs, Paepae ‘o Telea’a Royal Terrace Tombs, Captain Cook Landing Place and Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon.

Running between Nuku’alofa city centre and the eastern village of Niutoua, Taufa’ahau Road is a must for road tripping by scooter. The road is well-maintained and sealed for a smooth ride with plenty of attractions to see along the way.

Starting in Nuku’alofa, you can stop by one of the many cafes to fuel yourself for the journey ahead. Taufa’ahu Road starts from the Royal Tombs, where generations of the royal family of Tonga are laid to rest. Then hit the road south where you’ll come across another royal sight on your way out of Nuku’alofa, the Royal Residences.

In the village of Pea, the road heads east where you’ll travel through various coastal villages. Stop by Holonga to hire a kayak with Taufatahi Charters, which offers kayaking on the lagoon. You can then continue to the village of Mu’a famous for its fishing pigs! Look out for the pigs with their heads in the water just off the coast. Just before you reach Mu’a, stop by the Captain Cook Landing Site for a dose of history written on a plaque and good views of the lagoon. Mu’a is also home to a few historical sites, which are signposted off the road, including the Mu’a Langi Tombs and Paepae ‘o Telea’a Terraced Tombs.

Continue following Taufa’ahau Road north where you’ll pass through numerous villages where you’ll be able to observe a slice of life in Tonga. Finally, you’ll reach the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, also known as the Stonehenge of the South Pacific, just outside the village of Niutoua.

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Liku Road

Length: 48km/30 miles
Where: Niutoua to Foui
Highlights: Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, beaches, ‘Anahulu Cave, ‘Oholei Beach & Hina Cave, Hufangalupe Landbridge, Mapu ‘a Vaea Blowholes, Tsunami Rock and more beaches!

If you like beaches and caves, this road trip is for you! Liku Road follows the coast of the east side and south side of Tongatapu, providing access to some of the island’s best beaches.

Starting in Niutoua, be sure to check out the historic Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon and get some snacks from the convenience store (we recommend the Manioke Chips) before making your way south on Liku Road. Finehika Beach and Ha’amalo Beach are two beaches you could be checking out but have dirt road access so assess the road before taking a scooter. Then between Haveluliku and Fatumu, you’ll find ‘Anahulu Cave. Take your swimwear to this beautiful limestone cave with a pool at the end of the cave.

If it happens to be a Sunday afternoon, stop by the ‘Oholei Beach & Hine Cave for their afternoon Tongan feast and cultural show. Find out more details in The Best Cultural Shows on Tongatapu.

Once you reach as far south as you can go, Liku Road bends west taking you along the south coast. Here, you’ll find more beaches, as well as the Hufangalupe Landbridge and Cliffs Lookout. The last 100m/yards of the road is pretty dodgy, so leave your scooters to the side and walk the rest of the way if needed. Enjoy the amazing views of the Tongatapu coastline and the unusual arch formation.

Continuing west, take the side roads (with a few potholes) to Keleti Beach for a scenic photo stop and swimming in the lagoon. Then continue to the village of Houma, where you can follow the signs to the Mapu ‘a Vaea Blowholes. Be amazed by a vast coastline of volcanic rock and waves crashing and spouting through an array of blowholes.

Next, Liku Road starts to bend northeast, where you should make another stop at Tsunami Rock, just past the village of Kala’au. The last 50m/yards of this road is just dirt, so park up and walk the rest of the way to check out a huge coral boulder in the middle of a coconut plantation. There are also a couple of pleasant beaches, Monotapu and ‘Utukehe Beach, before you reach the end of Liku Road.

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Hihifo Road

Length: 21km/13 miles
Where: Nuku’alofa to Ha’atafu
Highlights: Nuku’alofa, Royal Tombs, Kava Farm, Flying Foxes, Blue Banana Studios, Ha’atafu Beach, Christianity Landing Site and Abel Tasman Landing Site.

Explore some of Tongatapu’s inland villages and plantations on your way west where you’ll find stunning beaches and historical sites.

Starting in Nuku’alofa, check out some of the eateries in the city (which we list in our restaurants in Nuku’alofa guide). You’ll also see the famous Royal Tombs where Hihifo Road starts before you head west through various Tongan villages and plantations.

Stop by the Kava Farm in Nukunuku where you might be able to worm your way into an informal tour before continuing to the Hihifo Peninsula. Continue on Hihifo Road north where you’ll come across the village of Kolovai, famous for its flying foxes (fruitbats) seen hanging in the trees!

As you approach Kanokupolu, you’ll see various signs to beach resorts each with its own stunning beach to enjoy. Some of the resorts also have restaurants open to casual diners should you want to grab a bite to eat – check out Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Tongatapu for details. Ha’atafu Beach is a good choice with excellent snorkelling and surfing.

Finally, make your way to the tip of Tongatapu where you’ll see the Christianity Landing Site and the commemorative plaque in a shaded area of trees. The final stop is at the Abel Tasman Landing Site where an interpretation sign tells the history of the area. You’ll also get wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and off-shore islands.


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