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10 Packing Tips for Tonga

10 Packing Tips for Tonga

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Tips for Packing for Tonga

What should you pack for Tonga? Well, the answer to that question is answered in our Complete Packing List for Tonga. But for a few things worth sharing when it comes to items to pack, types of baggage and baggage allowances for Tonga, we’ve put together some handy packing tips for Tonga. Enjoy!

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1. Be Aware of Items You Have Packed That Need to be Declared

Tonga is a country with a strict biosecurity/quarantine process for passengers arriving from overseas. On your Passenger Arrival Card, you will be asked a series of questions on what you have packed or have in your possession. This included items, such as food, animal and plant products, camping, hiking and sports gear. Be aware of everything that you have packed which might fall under these categories so that you can declare them on your arrival card and at the border. See What to Declare When Arriving in Tonga for more information.

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2. Pack Extra Lightly for Domestic Flights

While your international flight to Tonga is bound to have a reasonable baggage allowance, typically 23-40kg (50-88lbs), the same cannot be said for domestic flights in Tonga. If you’re flying to Vava’u or Ha’apai, your check-in baggage allowance is 15kg (33lbs). Going to ‘Eua or the far-flung Niuas and this is further reduced to 10kg (22lbs)! Bear these luggage weights in mind when packing for Tonga. Learn more about domestic flights in Tonga here.

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3. Remember the Laundry Facilities!

If you’re staying in Tonga for one week or less, we recommend packing clothes for each day of stay. If staying for more than a week, pack outfits for seven days, then use the laundry facilities available at many of the accommodations in Tonga. This is a good way to keep the weight of your luggage to a more manageable level.

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4. Use Packing Cubes

Now that you know how to pack light for Tonga, you can find out how to organise your bag like a pro! Packing cubes aren’t essential by any means, but boy are they useful! Coming in many different sizes, packing cubes allow you to organise your backpack or suitcase in a way that makes things easy to find. What’s more, packing cubes tend to allow you to fit more in your bag. See more nifty accessories like this in 10 Must-Have Gadgets to Pack for Tonga.

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5. Pack Modest Outfits

Tonga is a conservative country. So while summer might mean wearing bikinis, getting your legs out and ripping your shirt off (to some people, anyway), this is not the custom in Tonga. In fact, going topless in public in Tonga, even for men, is illegal. So when you’re out sightseeing, using public beaches or going pretty much anywhere outside of your resort, respect the local customs by having some light modest outfits that cover the knees and shoulders. Get more advice on what clothes to pack for Tonga here.

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6. Pack Versatile Clothes

Speaking of outfits, you will also want to pack versatile clothes to make sure that you don’t overpack. What we mean by versatile are clothes that can be used for several different outfits. For instance, a modest and smart/casual outfit for an evening meal might also be a suitable outfit for going to a local church service, for example.

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7. Consider the Right Luggage for You

Is a suitcase or a backpack better for Tonga? Well, it depends on what sort of holiday you’re getting into. If you are going for a fly-and-flop holiday with transfers straight to your resort, then you might find a suitcase the best option. However, if you’re travelling to more remote islands and will be on the move quite often, you’ll probably find a backpack easier to handle. Compare the pros and cons of different bags for Tonga in What is the Best Type of Luggage for Tonga?

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8. Pack with the Planet in Mind

It’s no secret that the planet is more fragile than ever, especially in the South Pacific. Pack with sustainability and eco-friendly products in mind, such as reef-safe sunscreen, natural insect repellent, reusable Lifestraw Bottles, reusable straws and more!

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9. Double Up Your Carry-on as a Day Pack

When picking a carry-on bag for your flight to Tonga, make sure to double it up as a day pack! You’ll need a day pack in Tonga to carry sunscreen, swimwear, towels, water, insect repellent, money, snacks and more. Choose a carry-on bag that you’re comfortable using as a day pack. Remember, it needs to stay in the dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm (21″ x 15″ x 9″) for most airlines.

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10. Don’t Forget Anything!

Ok, that’s easy to say and isn’t a very useful comment on its own. However, we think that The Complete Packing List for Tonga will certainly be useful in making sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

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